Curio & Relics FFL -03. Is it Time to Terminate the License?

C&R FFL 03. Is it Time to Terminate the License?

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I let mine lapse 20 years ago when I got married, had a kid, moved and no longer had spare income. Now, in Oregon, I can no longer mail order a C&R and have it shipped to my house so there is no reason to have a C&R license (or get another). There are some C&R handguns that I wouldn't mind picking up and avoid the whole send to a local FFL, pay them, pay for a back ground check, pay a transfer fee, etc. but a C&R license will no longer o that in Oregon.

Back in the 80's, 90's and 00's all my friends shook their heads and asked me why I was buying that junk. My parents were even more disapproving! I haven't sold any of my cache yet but the old bolt actions (Nagant, Enfields, Turkish Mausers, and even 1903A3) haven't seen much day light lately (I will hold on to my favorite 96 Swedes though). I find the semi-autos more fun (Garand, M1 Carbine, SVT40, AG42 Ludgman, Hakim and MAS 49/56) and will probably keep them for a while. The handguns are the most fun and will be the last to go.


If you buy 1 gun in the next 3 years and not have to go through having it shipped to a local FFL I would say it is worth keeping for $30!
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I was contemplating not renewing my C&R license, after all I’ve had them for 12 years or so and never used it.

Finally gave in to my craving for a break top revolver this week and, lo and behold, the seller accepted my C&R, so at least this last one paid for itself with no trip to a local dealer and thus no transfer fee.

So, it ain’t just about milsurps.

If your state still allows C&R guns direct to your home, it would make sense to shop Gunbroker dealers based on whether or not they accept a C&R license. Take advantage of this now, in the present anti frenzy, who knows how long this will last.
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