CZ's - has anyone NOT had good luck with them?

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-Replacement -75B was also unreliable; again, multiple FTEs. Wolff replacement springs fixed that - for a while. Somewhere around 6000 rounds, and right after firing some Winchester white box .40 S&W, I found cracks around the inside of the barrel. I plan to sell it for parts, since CZ refuses to pay.
Isn't that like cutting your nose off to spite your face? Seems as though you'd lose a lot more money by selling the gun for parts than by having it repaired. (Maybe not. Maybe you can find buyers...)

Isn't that like cutting your nose off to spite your face? Seems as though you'd lose a lot more money by selling the gun for parts than by having it repaired. (Maybe not. Maybe you can find buyers...)

Maybe, but I've about had it with CZs. I've spent so much time, aggravation, and money trying to get a reliable -75B that I'm almost past caring whether it makes economic sense. It's been quite exasperating.
Man! I can understand your frustration, but you're adding insult to injury, and its self-induced.

Send it back in, get the barrel replaced, and sell it! You'll recover more of your money, and you can be shut of CZs.
CZ forum?

Walt Sherrill mentioned a CZ forum. Anyone know the name or address of that forum?

Happy owner or P-01 and 97B

I bought a P-01 last March. I was so pleased with it that I bought the 97B in July the same year. I have ~1500 rounds through the P-01 with zero malfunctions. I have ~800 rds through the 97B with zero malfunctions.
Springs, springs, springs

I love my CZs, but good Lord, they usually come undersprung from the factory - literally every single extractor spring on every CZ autoloader I've owned has weakened over time. Thankfully, replacing them with Wolff extra power springs is easy and fixes any problems immediately.
I have had several, sold my 40B because I didn't like the grip angle, too much like a 1911. :neener: I got a used 75B in 9mm. It was flawless. Sold it to purchase one in .40. I picked up a CZ 85 Compact (40 S&W 1st run) and it's been awesome and flawless. Only modification was to deburr some surfaces to smooth out the trigger (something I do with all my guns). I picked up a RAMI in 40 at the same time, it can get finicky about going into battery if it gets very very dirty. Otherwise it's been 100%. I've put maybe 2000ish rounds through it.
I then picked up a very early production 97B. It had an extremely weak recoil spring and was giving some primer swipe. Current factory weight Wolff recoil spring corrected. Recently got a used 75B in 40 and it's been fantastic as well. I've replaced some of the plastic guide rods with metal to make them a little more nose heavy and stay on target easier. The only out of the box guns I've seen give less problems are Glocks, and you can find plenty of horror stories on them. Of course their sheer quantity of sales will guarantee that.
I guess I'm boring... I have several hundred rounds through my 9mm stainless 75B, without a single problem. It's been wonderful, and accurate as hell. Couldn't speak highly enough of CZ, from my experience.
They do come with some crappy springs. A "normal" owner may never find that out with a box or two habit a month. A Wolff extractor/recoil/mag springs are a good idea for the normal HighRoader. Keep a extra slide stop handy, they will break. Other than that they need to be cleaned on your birthday and the lube kept fresh.
looks like I need springs

Bought a new CZ85 the other day and the first time out I had about 3 FTE out of 150 rounds of 115 grain 9mm FMJ and JHP WWB. I cleaned it up and took it back out today and had one FTE with S&B 115 grain FMJ and 1 FTF with 147 grain JHP WWB and one with the S&B. I have heard of the weak extractor springs on some of the CZs and I guess I need to replace mine, but the FTF was a suprise to me. I have heard some need stronger recoil springs as well. Looks like I should replace that spring too?
I've had my CZ 75 Compact about 2 months and it has been a perfect shooter, both in reliability and accuracy. My only knock on it is the slide is difficult to grab, at least compared to my 1911's. It's just the way it is built, not a lot of exposed slide to grab. Mike
Well, I don't know about you guize, but my CZ 75B stainless sucks. I took it out to the range last week and I couldn't group better than 1" at 15 yards. I mean, come on! It was brand new. It should group at least 3/4" at 50 yards don't you think?

Furthermore, it is shooting to the right of the bullseye. No matter what ammo, no matter what handload, no matter what bullet weight the damn thing won't hit the bullsye, it's always about 1 1/2" to the right. To me, it is a serious failing to see a 1" group that is 1 1/2" off the bullsye.

I'm thinking of returning it and getting something more accurate. Maybe a used Kel Tec.

Can anyone share any troubles you've had?
My CZ75B was my first autoloader and the handgun I wanted more than any other (a variety of reasons, but that's another story). After over 2000 rounds of 9mm (about 300 +P and 700 assorted HPs, the rest standard pressure FMJ ball- about half of those reloads) and 3000 rounds of .22LR (Kadet Kit, but using the same lower) it (there have been ammo or operator failures) has never let me down in terms of reliability or maintenance except in one way... I'm more accurate with my Glock G19.

I'm sure this is a personal issue, but it just really bugs me because I love the CZ75B more and have put so many more rounds through it. So not really a "trouble" per se, but the only negative thing to share about my CZ75B. :)
I got rid of a 75B that was having multiple FTE/FTFs with the full-capacity factory mags, was horribly inaccurate, and felt like it had trigger-slap. A Wolff spring kit didn't help anything either.

The funny thing was that I did trade it for a Kel-Tec P32 and some cash. :)
[CZ's - has anyone NOT had good luck with them? /QUOTE]

Doggone right:banghead: I have purchased five CZ's NIB and now I have two. The other three? All live in the homes of my grown sons and daughters. They took a fancy and pffffft! Three CZ's gone:cuss: I'd call that bad luck. Oh yes all the CZ's I had worked perfectly, including those that now have a new home with my kids.:cuss:
My CZ-75B, CZ-75D PCR and .22 Kadet Kit have been flawless. Great pistols.
Happy owner here.
Bought a used 75B and have about 1200-1300 rounds through it without any failures or issues. Cleanly eats and spits out whatever I feed her. Very accurate. I want another one.;)
Other than that they need to be cleaned on your birthday and the lube kept fresh
That is just a bald face lie. It is totally unnecessary to clean it on your birthday. Everybody knows that you only have to clean a CZ when it becomes so filthy that you are embarased by it. It'll still shoot great, but your friends will make fun of you.

That being said, I did manage to break a firing pin after untold thousands of dry fires. The trigger sure is nice now, though. Exactly 1 call to CZ-USA and about 5 minutes on the ol' work bench and it was good as new.
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My slide stop broke after quite q few thousands of rounds. My rear sight got replaced. It's not as accurate as my Sig226 sport Stock. I love my 75BD. Had the boys out for a few hundred rounds working up some new light loads. They got hot and dirty.

I've had my P-01 for about 8 months now and it has been flawless. Not one FTE or FTF and I went about 1000 rounds w/o cleaning it. My ONLY complaint are the sights, they small and cheap looking.

The Kadet kit has been flawless, much more reliable than the 9mm BD it resides on.

Bought a .40 S&W -75B in 2003. Jam-o-matic. Constant failures to extract (aka "double feed"). Sent it in for warranty work. Replaced extractor & recoil springs with Wolff aftermarkets. It still wasn't reliable

Ditto. I did everything trying to fix mine, still does the double feed thing. New Wolff extractor/mag springs, various mags too. It's like the extractor claw is much too small to get a firm grip on the rim so it half heartedly ejects the empty casing. That's OK though, it's no longer my CCW gun. The 35rd mag from Cabelas is a real hoot though!
I have CZ-85 Combat which I had EGW convert to SA. 17K rounds (all kinds of ammo) through it without any issues. Right now its is getting re-sprung and the trigger pin is being replaced as a precaution only. My favorite 9mm.
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