Deer retrieval unit finally done ....lets see yours!

I always just drug them to the truck in my younger days.
In my 20s and even 30s, it wasn't a huge deal but the older I get, the harder it gets, so for my 40th birthday I got my own deer retrieval unit. Not only that, but putting out feed, hauling bags of salt and minerals in during spring was all getting mighty heavy.
This makes a big difference.

Here she is on the showroom floor.


And actually being used for deer retrieval, this one for my daughter.

I hunt public lands & we are not allowed to use any wheel vehicles to retrieve deer. I just drag them out, that's why I don't hunt too far from a drivable road. But when I get the deer back to the truck I have a piece of plywood in the back of the truck that I pull out to form a ramp, that I pull the deer half way up on & then lift from the plywood. So it all slides into the bead of the truck & then I'm ready to go home.
This one was a non lifted 98 GC (5.2L, not the 5.9L ) :(
Trashed exhaust going over logs the following yr to fetch a 181# dressed 8 pt.
$400 bucks. Oops. Scratched heck out of the paint too LOL (didn't care).


Like the 5.2L and size/look of the ZJ Jeeps.
Unfortunately rust gets em around here.

For a fishin rig, thought about a Renegade Trailhawk. They're tiny but kinda fun (the ol lady has a '21 Limited).
My Trailhawk Cherokee is spotless.
Just a field hauler IMHO. Has locking diff though.

Of course now I'm hunting for a CJ5 to make into a toy.
Had two of em way back.
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I have a new ATV hitch haul, so it's got a gooseneck, rides higher.
My Cherokee Trailhawk is stock, and dunno if a regular straight out hitch haul would drag offroad.

So will have son in law over to help me put a hitch on this latest Jeep.
Not a hard job, just need 3 hands LOL
This year my "dear hauler" was the wife pullin' a purple plastic kid sled for me. ;)
In my experience, a plastic kid's sled works surprisingly well as a "deer hauler." It's a good thing they're relatively inexpensive though - because (also in my experience) a plastic kid's sled is a "one time use" as a "deer hauler." ;)
Lately its been a Jet Sled (like a kids sled only thicker guage) and two old men. :) Beavers made part of the property inaccessable by truck so we have more distance to cover on foot. An ATV or UTV would be tough as well. My hunting buddy is quite a bit older than me..... Its not getting any easier.

The three of us buddies would split the cost of a blood-broke horse for mostly elk. In the field, not accessible to motorized vehicles, we'd gut, skin, saw, and minimally butcher an animal to pack out in panniers. Packing out meat in backpacks via multiple trips is for younger men. It's a three hour round trip from the truck and back afoot.