Doomsday Preppers: Molotov Cocktails

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Ok... hold on, we're going over the berm here on "Constructive Possession."

We can't have auto M16 parts in our possession whether they're assembled or not.
Sure you can. That's not illegal. Heck, buy a parts kit for an AK and you (usually) get all the full-auto control bits. Not illegal at all. Without making the gun capable of taking them (which is often illegal in itself) that's not a problem.

By that logic, none of us can have alcohol, bottles and cloth in the same household.
Good grief. Did you make a Molotov cocktail, or not? (Or is there hard evidence that you are planning to?) That's going to be the important question.
If it is a crime to have a cloth wrapped around a bottle, I think I should confiscate all of the crown royal in your guys liquor cabinets, and if having incendiary devices close by is a no no then I better take those cigars you have stashed away as well!
Sam's story mentions a guy charaged under NFA for using gasoline in beer bottles. Someone else mentioned the flash point possibly being in the official description. Perhaps that is why they used alcohol.

I wouldn't think alcohol would make a very good MC anyway. It burns too cool and too fast to do any real damage. A real, effective MC would use much hotter and longer burning accelerants.....

Anyway, I refuse to watch the show because it takes people who are extremist practitioners of a reasonable movement and makes fun of them.
Jeez, I wonder what they would have said about all the "toys" I made when I was 13 years old. We had large supplies of sulphur, charcoal, and saltpeter. :uhoh:

P.S. If your inventive an Erlenmeyer flask works better than a beer bottle. The beer bottles don't disintegrate on impact as well as the lab flasks do.
Someone else mentioned the flash point possibly being in the official description

As I recall now I'm not sure I saw the flashpoint information in something the ATF published or perhaps some state law which regulates molotov cocktails. I've been looking for info from the ATF but haven't found anything. It sure would be interesting to see exactly what the ATF considers to be a molotov cocktail.
In s SHTF situation, sobriety would be your friend, so I assume that you were suggesting to use it as an antiseptic.
That, but more importantly, consumable alcohol will be used as currency to barter for other goods. Those who might have the ability to make 'moonshine' will basically be printing their own money. Ammo will also become currency.
I would question the smarts of using a $20-30 accelerant (drinking alcohol) when about 50 cents of gas or diesel would have been a better substitute. By my count he threw about 2 or 3, so that's $60-90 worth of preps $ down the tube...

Dunno whether this is a crime. Questionably stupid because it's possibly a crime. And I wouldn't do anything that's questionably a crime. My thought is that it probably didn't even occur to anyone present that this could be a crime as a destructive device.
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First of all a Molotov cocktail seems like a poor weapon for doomsday.....just saying.

I've only seen the one show with the couple in TX living in the small condo with cats. I found their planning to be ridiculously flawed. (ie Hide in condo for 3 weeks and then walk out of the city. Oh and shoot cats before leaving. Really?)

On a side note, don't shoot the cat, it can take care of its self better than they can. Second of all they aren't walking out of a city after 3 weeks. That should be obvious. (I could survive 3 weeks in my condo with no prep. at all.) There will be many many desperate people looking for food at that point.

That lack of logic put me off to the show. Seems its continuing with molotov's.
Fire is a very effective weapon. Most people are very afraid of fire. I can fortify my house and make it very difficult and costly for you to get to me, but one or two well placed Molotov cocktails and I'd be toast and my house would be burnt to the ground. As for walking out of a city after 3 weeks, good luck with that. The time to get out is when it first starts and and people are fighting over toilet paper and battery's at the local supermarket.

I remember the Loma Prieta earthquake in 1989, I was living in Prunedale CA. We lost power when it first happened and the power did not come back on for three weeks. The Moss Landing power plant took heavy damage. We had a little damage, mostly stuff falling down and broken glass. We were a bit lucky, are propane tank was 3/4 full and our vehicles were pretty full of fuel. We had a gas generator and food in the freezers and a well stocked pantry.

The local Safeway store took damage, mostly stuff falling of shelves and broken glass and was shut down for the first 24 hours while they cleaned up. When they reopened there was a mad rush, they told me the first shelves to go bare was the TP and batteries, there were also a few fights that broke out in the store.

It was a bit over a week into it when we had our first encounter with looters/scavengers. About midnight the dogs start going off. A couple of us armed our selfs and went outside keeping our lights turned off. We ended up catching three of four guys that had two five gallon jeep can and two siphon hoses. The phones were out and back then not a lot of cell phones so calling LE was not an option, so we ended up letting them go minus the cans and hoses with a warning that if they came back they would be hog food.

That earthquake brought out the bad and the good in a lot of people and was a real eye opener for me. I'm not as prepared as I'd like to be right now but probably a bit better then most. I do have two five gallon jeep cans full of gas and a generator in one of the outbuildings:rolleyes:
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