duracoat gold and titanuim

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May 8, 2011
Limerick, maine
hello people. im thing about duracoating a pair of cz52's in gold with titanuim trigger, hammer, and base plate. does anyone have pics of these color? its hard to determen what they look like on there website
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K'mon folks, don't be sassing the guy for wanting to do this. It isn't very high road behavior.

If you don't like the idea then at least be civil enough to let it go without snide comments.
If the website pictures aren't easily discernible then i doubt you'll have luck with any computer monitor pictures. I'd request a sample sheet be mailed to you from Duracoat.
The pics i was refering too was small thumbnails of a ar15 in the color. Cant get a good bearing of what it looks like. I would like a close up of details. Cant seem to find any.
finally located a duracoater within 2 1/2 hours from my house, planning a trip with the wife to go drop them off
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Hey! I like those grips.:)

Checked their web site, I didn't see anything like that. Obviously they have a wider selection than shown.

Never thought about duracoating my CZ 52, but have long wanted better grips, just hadn't found anything I liked that was available when I looked.

Let us know how it turns out, I might decide to do something similar to mine.
I just emailed him and told him what i was looking for. Within two weeks i had the grips. Going to order some pink camo p238 grips with my wifes name in them for xmas.
Sounds like you'll have a true BBQ gun from a CZ-52. Awesome. Post pics, I'd really like to see how it turns out.

I've thought of hard chrome, but duracoat makes a lot of sense.
I will post the pic as soon as i get them back. Im trying to start a small group called "goldyglocks" all kinds of weird old pistols duracoated gold. My wife is guna get a m1895 nagant gold and silver "titanium color" another friend mite do a beat up makarov. I dont wanna destroy anything with collecter value so i got some beat up cz's and my wifes nagant is horrible. We wont shoot them much but we are going to get some weird looks and te range
if you google "gold duracoat" thats does not help very much with a good pic. i got this pic of jims gun supply to show you the color im looking at.


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It was hard to tell from the website, but the gold's not that shiny. I was picturing something like Saddam's AK-47 gold. I still think it'll look pretty cool when finished.
Sounds like a cool idea to me. I have a S&W 66 I want to do some gold inlay to as well as a nice ole 870 Wing Master. Go for it!
finally done


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