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Just a friendly reminder, we don't do "forum wars" here.

There are lots of great firearms-related forums out there and they all have their own unique characteristics. Hopefully everyone can find the right combination of community and information to make their online experience the best it can be.

My missing post about another forum wasn't meant to incite
Fact is, this is a very good forum right here.
It was meant as a compliment.
THR and TFL are the two biggest I believe. I like RimfireCentral, the Colt Forum, and occasionally visit the Ruger, S&W, 24hourcampfire, and a few others.
The CMP forums are great. They are usually informative and often entertaining, especially when we get wind of the latest cache of new-in-wrap M1 Garand returns, reliably said to be arriving at the CMP from _______ (name any country.)
THR is my main go to

I been studying gun control laws for awhile. As such I check the regional gun forums as well to see what is happening in other states and Canada. Occasionally what happens in other states and areas can eventually have an effect at the National Level.

I been trying to decipher (and understand why) how laws vary from state to state as well as the variations between counties in the same state. With the recent demise of the long gun registration in Canada, I been reading the forums there and trying to understand the licensing schemes to the North.

No special order....
The FL shooters network
Glock Talk
those are in my favorites, but mainly this one, for reading and participating, and FL shooters, for local merch.
I'm on THR. I have a small presence on Gun Rights Media. I used to be on TFL, but hen I got banned for daring to disagree with the Conservative sentiment.
Good forums often depend on your tastes in firearms. The Walther Forums and the P.38 Forum work just fine for me.
Glad this is turning into a productive thread and I really appreciate all the great input from everyone, definitely going to check out some of your favorites. As the OP maybe I'll actually list the forums I frequent as well...besides the High Road.

The Firing Line -- Defensive Carry -- USA Carry -- Shotgun World -- Pistol Forum -- Smith & Wesson (just the M&P subforum)

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IMO the High Road has the highest traffic and is good but when it comes down to knowledge and professionalisum it's hard to beat the 1911 Forum.
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