FL, HI, IL, NJ, NY, TN, & TX Updates

Gary Slider

Apr 6, 2006
West Virginia
Florida – FL Supreme Court Ruled that their Preemption Law means exactly what it says. If local authorities pass ordinance concerning firearm etc That the Local Officials can be held responsible. You can read the decision at

Hawaii - They have started issuing permits in Hawaii. Thing is Hawaii is 5 counties and their permits are issued by county and are only valid in the county they are issued in. 5 main islands so 5 counties. Some are passing their own restrictions on carry and the state is talking about expanding their location restrictions. Check out the Hawaii Page as it is different than all the other state pages because of the 5 different issuing agencies with 5 different set of rules/regs for issuing. https://www.handgunlaw.us/states/hawaii.pdf

Illinois – now has a mag ban and other restrictions on long guns etc.

New Jersey – New York - Both states are a mess. Their new carry laws just about make it impossible to carry a firearm even with one of their permits that they are having a hard time issuing. The courts are involved and there have been Stays on some court orders and then lifted and then put in place again. It makes it difficult to keep up and it could take a long time to get it all cleaned up in the courts. . If you want to know more of what is going on you can check out the State pages for NY and NJ

Tennessee - A court decision has forced Tennessee into issuing permits to those 18 and older.

Texas – Has decided not to appeal a court order and will start issuing permits to those 18 and make the age to carry 18. You can read that
Tennessee has a history of not making complete improvements to gun laws without a fight. The "permit less carry" that so many people mistake for constitutional carry is an example.
True constitutional carry would allow 18-20 year olds, who can fight and die for us, to take part in the law that was passed some years ago.
This ruling may be another step towards a true constitutional carry law in Tennessee.