Florida Shoot?

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I'm sorry, I'll try that again,

One is the 100 yard Range, the other is the hand trap range.

Who keeps trying.


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Indian River Co. Shooting range (Vero Beach, FL)

Actually in Sebastian.

I95 to Exit 156, east on CR 512 (Fellsmere Road) c. 3/4 mi. to 102nd Terrace (left). Road dead ends in the park/shooting range. Nice and clean. Wed-Sun. 9 am. to 5 pm. Supervised. Rifle, pistol, airgun and Archery. Lake for fishing *children only*(poles available). Adult and Junior (under 17) rates. Reduced summer and group rates. "Loaner guns". Indian River County Public Shooting Range

Very nice. Very clean. Strict range officers (yes more than one - 3 the day I was there). Targets and some incidentals available at the store. Eyes and Ears for anyone on the range (observer or shooter). I'm assuming only paper targets (I saw nothing else).

Rifle and pistol from $6.50 plus impact fee ($1 per day) for 3 hours. Clays available for shotguns. Archery range as well as course. 35 firing stations, 5 clay stands, sporting clay course.

phone (772) 581-4944 check for weather closings/delays, etc.

If you bring the wife (and she doesn't care to shoot) there's good antiquing to be had up and down US1 from Vero (most closed Sundays) through to Sebastian (and a bit north) with various antique "malls" (loosely termed...). The range is between I95 and US1 (just barely off 95). Restaurants and other services in Sebastian and Vero. For those who might like to stay a day or two, there's wonderful beaches and motels in Vero along with great dining. Nice boardwalk along the Atlantic with small seaside shopping area. Very pleasant family atmosphere before the hurricanes.... it might still be reconstructing. Not much for kids to do though. Definitely quiet. Retiree community surrounding area.


:what: Ok.. if you look at the map that the link above gives you you'll find different exit numbers. The exits have been renumbered and someone needs to update. Simply look for the Sebastian exit and the route number. There's only one Sebastian exit :neener:
RE: Range Day in Central Fla

I am putting an announcement on this (RallyingPoint) section about a BBQ / Shoot day that the club I belong to in Haines City (Central Florida) is having.

Saturday June 4th - Central Florida Shooters Save the Date


MORE DETAILS, MORE DETAILS - when, where, how much, what to bring, time, etc, etc. You're in my "ball park" for area...

U suppose we can get them to build a road across from 192 through to Haines city before then? Yeah.. right :p Any idea whether it's better to go 192 or down to 60?
hmmm...Vero Beach?

Could make a weekend of it and dive too!!! :D It's only about an hour or so from me. Been fishin' at Stick Marsh n Farm 13 many times. Always good fishin' there! Looks like a nice range.... XDTim, fill us in on Range Day for Central FL!!! cjz sig, Depending on your specific location and when we find out more about Range Day..... From Cocoa area, go west on 520 to 532 (aka Nova Road) south to St. Cloud. From Melbourne, 192 west to Holopaw, (10 or so miles east of St. Cloud) flashing yellow at 441. Takes you south to 60 at Yeehaw (not a bad 2 lane drive) 60 west gets you to Lake Wales. If you want to go to Haines City from St. Cloud, 192 west is not bad over to 17-92 (17 south, 92 west) all the way to Haines City. (there is a short-cut in leiu of 192 west, details if needed) Patiently awaiting info... :what: HURRY UP!! That's next weekend!
Since XDTim seems to be heavily engaged, I'm copying this from his post in another location.

"Hey All:

My shooters club (Road Ends Range in Haines City) will be having a BBQ on Saturday, June 4th. Admission is $5.00, which includes some awesome barbecue. LOTS of Free parking. Bring your weapons of choice (PLEASE - loaded weapons on firing line ONLY - this is a family day, and we want to keep it safe).
-->There will be a Machine Gun Range (LOTS of sub guns available for rental - ammo available on site),
--> Several IPSC style tactical matches throughout the day.
--> A turkey shoot (don't forget the scattergun!!)
--> Gun safety classes for kids

From I-4, take Exit 55, and go south on Rte 27 (five or six miles) to RWS Ranch Rd. Make a right, keeping Greenleaf Products Plant on your left. (Landmark = Webbs Candy factory on 27 your left. Huge Goats Milk Fudge Sign - RWS Ranch Rd is directly opposite). Take RWS Ranch Rd to end. You're there.

Should be a fun day. Hope everyone can come out. For further details, email me at [email protected]

Look forward to seeing you all there


Who suspects he won't mind. :D
Haines City, June 4

Well, typical of the way things are going, we're going to be waiting for a repairman to show up to work on a piece of equipment for the business on Saturday, so we're out.

Sure wish it would have worked out. Maybe next time.

I'm back in FL.
I was called back to Cleveland last weekend, my Mom has terminal cancer and I wanted to see her again, while she could still recognize me.

Who can now think about FL shoots and work, sort of anyway. :(
Freedspeak: It is HOT and WET in North FL. We got the average rainfall for June in four hours last week :what:

But, the Fruckus should still go on! Now that I'm a bit less frazzled, my trainings caught up, my new systems are up and op and the world is a more calm place, from my point of view.

Does anyone know of a nice available East Coast location with shooting, resting and talking (preferably A/C'd) and a clean facility for um err Recycling?

Who is willing to explore the possibilities. :cool:
Looks like much of FL is gonna be a little wet for a while. Oh well, maybe when Hurricane season ends, football season begins, and we can see what's left in Florida after the hurricanes come through.

Who is looking around. :what:
I intend to be heading for Cape Canaveral (aka Kennedy) for the shuttle launch. I intend to check out a range and/or shop on the way back. Suggestions?

Who wants to see a Big One blast off! :cool:
Jeff, I am quite familiar with the area.

For Gunshops in the area:

B&H Gun Rack on Merritt Island. Take 520 Eastbound from I-95 or Westbound from US-1. It is about 1/4 mile East of SR 3 (Courtenay Parkway) on the South side of the road, right next to the Olive Garden.

They are a LE distributor for Glock, Surefire, Colt, etc..

Also on Merritt Island is "The Gunsite." Personally I'm not as big a fan of that shop since it usually looks pretty disorganized and messy... but the folks in there are pretty nice.

If you want to put some rounds downrange, the most comfortable and closest place is the American Police Hall of Fame's Shooting Center. They have a range facility designed and built by one of the world's foremost range architects. They're open M-F 1200-1900 and Sat/Sun 1200-1700. Great ventilation, lighting, and computerized target hangars that are programmable for movement and rotation. Rentals are also available.

Additionally the Titusville Rifle Pistol Club has nice facilities that are open to the public for a small fee... Check their website for details and phone numbers to verify range times.

Enjoy your stay... if you have more questions feel free to shoot them my way... there are several other folks from the State of Brevard on here... so just pipe up.
The Titusville Rifle and Pistol Club looks interesting, my wife decided I was a little down and dragged me off to Coco Beach on an unplanned trip.

I didn't stop to get enough data to inspect the facilities and only discoverd the NASA museum is exceedingly expensive. <<Three boxes of ammo to get in! not something I wanna do without a whole day to do it.

Who went to the range today. I have discovered I am a dedicated right hander. Now I need new glasses. Sigh. :banghead:
Back to the range

I'm going to Manatee gun and archery on Friday Aug 5th to see if my sternum is healed enough to fire my 1903A3. It has been three months since the surgery, so I think I can handle it.
I like to go to Manatee Gun and Archery. They have the best range in the area and some of us THRers have met there bafore.
The next "free" day I'll have is the Friday after Thanksgiving ( 11-25 ). But I can afford an expensive day too.
FL shoot

Psst when is the Manatee shoot? I shoot at the Hernando Sportsman Club we have a 200 yrd range there.
I went to the Machine Gun Shoot last July 4th at Hernando. Nice range.
Manatee has 500 yards, 50 yards and 15 yards. The web link is back on the 1st page of this thread, I think.
Post # 16.
to all Sarasota/Tampa area guys, Im in Sarasota too, and would like to hook up, so if youre going out, e mail me and lets make plans to shoot together..:)
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