Florida Shoot?

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Hello fellow fruckusiers!

:D Been off the board a while. Had to pop in since the new Florida self-defense law went into effect. (10-1-05) Been extremely busy these days......anyway, just wanted to see if there's a fruckus comin' up. Looks like 11-25 will work for me. Geoff and P5, so glad to see you fellas healin' up!... Hope to see ya'll there :cool:
11/25/2005 Manatee Shoot

I went to the Manatee Club link to get some directions from St. Augustine, but they seems that the "Website Committee" thought it best to keep the location a secret. Is anyone able to get the address to me or some directions? Much appreciated.

Jeff Timm said:
Looks like a good idea!
This looks better for me, too. Haines City is about 1 hr drive for me. Not to mention, I won't be able to make the 11/25 shoot at Manatee. Changed Thanksgiving Day plans, gotta be at my Mom's in Satsuma. Thanks for the link Geoff. Count me in, I'll send an E-mail too. :)
Argh, due to extreme exhaustion, three weeks of vacation followed by three weeks of computer installations and 11 hour days...sigh, I decided to try and sleep, I finally made it Saturday night after a heavy round of Pizza and Beer (Root, Diet).

Also got to the Range and relaxed a little while the wife went Genology Conventioning. ;)

Manatee on the 25th I hope, Lord willing and the creek don't rise.

I'll bring some long arms and shoot this time.

Who needs a couple good nights sleep. :cool:
I'm starting to pack already. I've got a new, well 50 year old, M1 to check out and sight in plus some other stuff that I do not shoot regularly. Only one and one half weeks to go.
How was the shooting weekend in Polk County? 11/11 thru 13.

Doesn't look like I'm gonna make it, unless the President declares that day a holiday. I told the boss I'd be in throughout the holidays, in exchange for 3 weeks off straight. I've taken so little leave since I've been here, I've still got 50 hours.

Who will go to the range this weekend, I hope. :rolleyes:
I've been wondering, what happened to the guys that started this thread?
Nov. 25, 2005 at about 10AM, if all goes as planned I'll be there.
P5 Guy said:
I've been wondering, what happened to the guys that started this thread?
Nov. 25, 2005 at about 10AM, if all goes as planned I'll be there.
I'll be working.
Guess I missed you

Didn't arrive till about 12:30, wife wanted to try out the 12 Gu., so we were running late.

Had the 2A ribbons on the vehicle and the ammo cans as a more subtle method of contact,( unless you prefer "HEY, P5, ARE YOU HERE!").:evil:

Did meet some nice folk from Texas there that day though.:)
That would have worked better. I was shooting my M1s and 03A3 at the right side of the rifle line. What did you shoot and where?
Sign me up!

Greetings folks!
I'm located in Lakeland so Tenoroc works for me. If there's interest I'm willing to try to coordinate between SigForum and THR. I follow SigForum and am starting on THR. :)
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