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Jan 1, 2008
just bought a glock27 gen4 and i'd like to get a concealed carry holster for it.would like some imput on a good out side the waist holster.i would like one that does not rub all the finish off if posible.
any thoughts on Raven and Cross breed? i want to take time and research a good holster before i buy one.the 27 gen 4 was $600 after tax and i want to take very good care of it and not ruin the finish.....i had to save a long time to get it lol
I always recommend the Raven, especially for polymer pistols like the Glock's.

However, you specified a holster
that does not rub all the finish off if posible.
Kydex will rub the finish off your pistol much faster than leather. The leather lined Garrett will cause less damage to your pistol's finish.

You do have a Glock though. Come on, who really cares what it looks like. In all seriousness, Glocks have a very durable finish, heck, that's one of their biggest selling points. A little wear and tear shouldn't be much of an issue for that pistol.

My Raven gave some very fast holster wear to the blue slide of my 1911. My standard Garrett "Silent Thunder" is very gentle to the slide.

Of the two, the Raven is much more versatile, since you can wear it IWB or OWB with just an attachment change. You can also change the cant and ride height. The Raven also conceals better than the Silent Thunder I have, but then I just have the standard model Silent Thunder which is really more of a range holster.

You can change the cant with my Silent Thunder, but to change the ride height you'd need a different attachment. It can't be used as an IWB holster, but they do sell an IWB holster. I think the STX model would probably conceal as an OWB as well as my Raven and I think the Garrett products are stronger overall than the Raven.

With either holster, and with a Glock especially, I'd probably skip the sweat shield. The Glock slide is very smooth, with nothing to dig into your side, and is fairly rust resistant. Both sweat shields are a good height, just to the end of the slide, but depending on where I have the holster riding, I get poked in the side by the sweat shields more than with my 1911 when in holsters without sweat shields. Of the two, I prefer the Silent Thunder sweat shield, at least in the 1911 format.
I have a crossbreed super tuck. The only wear I see is a slight polished look in a few places. I think I could use it for ever and never get a finish removing rub from the Kydex.
I think I may also be getting a little bit of a polished look from my galco ankle glove on my G26, and that's a leather holster.
It's good to care for you carry firearm. It's not gonna look brand new forever though.
after a lot of research i ordered a galco king tuk and a galco gun belt
After reading this, I was thinking why in the world did I recommend OWB options to this guy if he wanted an IWB holster?

Then I reread the OP.

would like some imput on a good out side the waist holster.
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