Hackathorn sights by Ameriglo

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Oct 12, 2005
Concord, N.C.
I have had my eye on Ken Hackathorn sights to add to one of my Glocks for sometime now. I acquired a set recently and had them installed on my G17 Gen 4.

In short

They are outstanding. I figured I would post up my thoughts to aid anyone who may be on the fence about them. First and foremost, if you do not know who Ken Hackathorn is, we have an issue. Joking, but not really. The first thing that popped out at me about these sights was that they had a single tritium lamp in the front and a very bright orange ring around that lamp. I also liked the fact that the rear had a 90 degree face (one handed manipulations) and was blacked out.

This set up allows you to be able to focus on the front sight under multiple lighting conditions. The orange ring is bright, very bright, you can not help but see it. While the tritium lamp burns nice and clear like it should.

I have come to be a huge fan of blacked out rear sights. Adding dots, or dashes, or anything else to the rear sight makes for a cluttered sight picture in my opinion. I have used three dot Trijicons for years, as well as other types of sights with various marks so one can align their sights. However, I do not use the dots on sights to align my sights. I focus on the front sight and ensure that I have equal light, equal height in regards to the rear sight and disregard the dots or other reference points.

The only time that I have lined up the dots to take a shot is when I was shooting in extreme darkness and was not using a flashlight. When using a flashlight, the front and rear are back lit and often times the tritium is washed out anyway. So only having one dot and a bright one at that to focus on is more in line with what I have come to like in pistol sights.

Best of Both Worlds:

If you could imagine a set of XS big dot sights and a set of standard notch and post being combined; that is essentially what you get with the Hackathorn sights. I used XS sights for years and though they are good at certain things. However, they are not best (for me) at being able to make precision shots. I will say that XS sights are outstanding and they are a great choice for defense and pretty much cover all the bases in the context of the realities of most defensive shooting.

However, with the Hackathorn sights you get the advantage of a large dot on the front and still have the ability to use the sights in the traditional notch and post fashion for more precision. The Hackathorn sights are fast and accurate sights.

I had several theories going into my last range session which was yesterday. This was my first trip to the range since the sights had been installed. I shot a total of 300rds through the G17 Gen 4 and Hackathorn sight combo.


1) At 7yds, I was consistently able to present the gun and use only the orange ring on the sights to get accurate hits stacked one on top of the other in a head target. Not an IPDA or IPSC head, but the head of an SEB target. The SEB is an FBI Q with a 6" chest and pelvic box, and a small upside down triangle in the head (CNS). All rounds landed into the triangle, and the hits were attained very fast.

2) I conducted the LAV 1/2 test and scored a 100/100 and got the fastest times that I have previously. I used only the front dot as a reference point.

3) I then knew the sights were going to be acceptable at 0-21 feet so I wanted to see what else they were capable of. I also wanted to see what they could do if used in the traditional manner. I went to the 10yd line and conducted the LAV test, I shot the fastest LAV test that I have previously and scored a 98/100. My best previously was 97/100 and about 3/4 of a second slower. 10yds is the outer limits of most defensive encounters. However, I train for the worst so I wanted to keep going.

4) I then stepped back to 15yds and was easily able to keep all rounds into the black rings on the B-8 targets. Shooting from 25yds and beyond will come later, I still had something else I wanted to test out with the rest of the ammo I had on hand.

5) Shooting on the move: I essentially used the orange ring on the front sight like a red dot sight on a carbine. From 10-3yds and 3-10yds, I was able to use the orange ring and press the trigger and shots landed in the high center chest areas of the SEB targets. Shooting on the move accurately with these sights are easy and much like using XS big dot sights.


1) I am going to run the sights a lot over the next few months. If they continue to impress me the way that they did today; I will be adding them to any gun that I own for defensive purposes.

2) If you have aging eyes, these sights would help you a lot. If you have a handgun for defense; these sights would be a great asset to you.

3) Some people have stated that the orange ring forces your eye to the center of the front sight rather than the tip, I could see how this could happen. However, at the distances usually associated with defensive encounters (and then some), accurate hits can be made fast and easily. You might have to focus a little more to get that front sight tip while shooting at distance but you are going to have to focus more anyway to get the hits that you need to get at those ranges. I feel that the orange ring does not hinder you at all in the context of the real world and defensive scenarios. In gun games they may not be the best choice. Unless of course you are like me and use in competition what you carry everyday.

I agree with you about the XS Big Dot sights as I had them on my Colt New Agent. While they are quick and easy to acquire I did sort of miss the more precise sight picture that the traditional rear notch and front post provided. Will consider the Ameriglo sights when the time comes to replace the night sights on my guns. Thanks for the info.
I use the I-dot version with the big orange circle around the tritium vial up front and a single unpainted tritium vial in the back on my G23. I think they have the same front sight as the Hackathorns, at any rate, they work great for me as well. My G19 is in line to get the same setup.
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I have the green front, yellow rear Hackathorn I-Dots on my G17 and G19. Absolutely LOVE these sights!
I am really looking forward to running these sights in Ken's Advanced Handgun course next month.

These are not the best pictures of the sights but this is what I have on hand at the moment.

Hackathorn sights compared to a Trijicon Tritium front (unpainted).

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I like Pro I-dots by Ameriglo.
Same thing, but with a single tritium dot in the rear sight and no serrations.

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I just got a set of these for my G19. I've only run a single range session since I had them put on. So far I like them. It only took me 18 years to replace the factory sights.
If I was not such a fan of blacked out rears, I would go with the I dot set up as well. The best of both worlds between a one dot and a three dot system. I like the I dots because they give you a reference point on the rear but it doesn't give a cluttered sight picture like a set of three dots.


I like that U notch rear, very nice! Do you happen to have the part or item number for those sights for a 9mm Glock?
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jigglyjames29 said:
I like Pro I-dots by Ameriglo.
Same thing, but with a single tritium dot in the rear sight and no serrations

These are more in line with the Heinie Straight Eights that I prefer. I like having something to index on the rear sight, but with more precision than the "traditional" three-dot setup.
Count me as a fan of the Straight Eight sights as well. Since the Hackathorns are a variation of that, I feel absolutly certain that I would find them delightful as well. Actually, having never used them, possibly even moreso given that I can see front sight a touch better.

With that said, my preferred "fighting" sights are those big XS Express Sights. As some have noted, they are not conducive to fine accuracy but they are so easy and quick to pick up that I don't mind the tradeoff so much.
the hackathorn sights remind me of the pincus claw sights they are ameriglo also. the pincus claw sights have a nice hook on them for single handed manipulations. Ive been running them on my 17 for a few months and like them

same front sight as yours

here is the best picture I had of the rear on my gun
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It seems like everybody and their brother has a set of signature sights out these days. That is good for the shooting community for sure. I always love having options.


A 90 degree face to my rear sights are a must for one handed manipulations. I like the sight that Pincus came out with. That rear and the Hack front would be an awesome combo that I would seriously consider throwing on another glock or two of mine. I usually use 3m step tape on the top rear of my slides to assist in working the slide one handed. I wonder how well the claw sight works in comparison to a flat faced rear sight with 3m step tape?


Thank you sir. Those sights look great on the little springfield. I dig it.
I've been running the HACKs on two of my M&Ps for over a year now and I love them.

Over the years I've tried alot of different night sights and these have worked the best for me thus far.
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