I have no idea where people even shoot anymore.

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I've never not once in my entire life been to or shot at a paid range indoor or out. Unless you count some turkey/card shoots here and there. I live pretty well in the sticks of stokes county nc but only have 3 acres. I shoot up to 200 yards although I have some underbrush and deadfalls to clear out to get back out to 200. I have a nice 100 yard and 50 yard set up with good backstop and a natural bank from a dry creek bed. Also have pistol range right behind my shop out to 20 yards. Never in 28 years had any problems. Of course around my parts everybody has a range out back and theres shooting 7 days a week. God bless the south and God bless country livin
I'm in the middle of nowhere in sunny southern Arizona and we have a place on BLM land three miles up the road where the locals all go to shoot. No benches or target stands so it's bring your own. There is the City of Safford range with Rifle out to 800 yards with steel plates. hand gun and small bore ranges and one trap stand that we use every other Saturday afternoon. Also an Archery range, Paint Ball, Model Airplane and beginners atv course.
Long time reader, first time poster.

I feel like this community might understand my lament.

Short version, I grew up really poor shooting my Pumpmaster 760A1 BB gun in my back yard. I could sit there for hours and it was just the most relaxing, enjoyable thing I've done. It was an inexpensive hobby and I always knew that, when I got older, I'd want to have a house with a safe backstop where I can safely shoot a rifle and hunt on my own property.

After years of searching, I've realized that's extremely unlikely. If you're curious about my journey, I've been looking for over five years. In spite of the fact that I have a huge footprint I can live in, finding land in my state to safely shoot has been a nightmare:

  • Acreage is extremely expensive. I'm regularly seeing 5 ~ 10 acres go for over $200,000.
  • Even if you have the acreage, having a safe backstop and neighbors that are far enough away to safely shoot is a real difficult problem.
  • In my experience over the last 5+ years, real estate agents haven't been sympathetic or particularly knowledgeable about shooting. I've had some show me all sorts of houses and try to convince me shooting towards a neighbors house is okay ("Just use a .22!") :barf:
  • Even finding out if you can shoot recreationally is a huge pain in the neck. In my state, it goes down to the borough / township level. Often even making a phone call or stopping by the office isn't good enough because nobody wants to take accountability and "tell you that you can" because of the liability involved in case someone doing something stupid.
  • Even if you have ordinances that are 2A friendly, often noise ordinances act as a loophole from non 2A friendly neighbors to complain. Basically you're just hoping nobody in earshot feels like filing a complaint.
  • Just because an area is okay to recreationally shoot today doesn't mean it will be tomorrow. We're seeing an influx of city / suburban folks move out to rural areas who "don't like gunshots" going to township meetings and kicking up dust.
  • If you work from home / use high speed internet for your kids' school, you're basically going to have a very hard time finding reliable high speed internet in areas rural enough with attitudes that are pro-2A.
I figured this wasn't going to be too big of a deal if I find a nice range near my house where I can go out and shoot during their open hours. After going to the local towns in my area and looking at nearby ranges, I ran into the following issues:

State Ranges:

- State ranges in my state require a hunting license (Which is close to $100) or a range permit. They also have really, really restrictive Fudd rules. As in, rules literally like "You can only load 3 bullets in the magazine at a time." or "No targets that look like people." and "You must wait 3 seconds between each shot."
- I figured I'd try it anyway. After 20 minutes of shooting, I had a game commission officer approach me and shriek like a girl "What do you hunt with THAT?!?" *pointing to my AR*. After checking my license and seeing I was legally allowed to be there, emptying my magazine and finding that I was following the rules with only 3 rounds in the magazine, and then discovered I was recording myself shooting (and therefore honoring the "3 seconds between each shot" rule), he shocked me with a new rule. I was shooting from the standing position, pointing my rifle a the target, discharging a round, and then lowering my muzzle to the ground. I was informed this was "unsafe" and how he was doing me such a huge favor by not fining me. I didn't mention I was an army veteran and this is a standard drill. I just wanted to pack my stuff and leave.

Private Ranges:

There are private ranges here where they do 3 gun, but the waitlist to get in is insane. They also require a monthly fee, regular volunteer work, and an NRA membership. Even then, I was considering joining because I knew someone who shoots there who took me on a range trip. Sure enough, I've looked it up, and there are tons of people in the nearby area who are trying to get it shut down. They "don't like the sound of gunfire" because "they have children."

The other private range I went to literally had a huge PVC pipe style tube that you had to aim your rifle through. You were not allowed to shoot outside of that pipe. Part of the introductory safety course to the range was how often people try to get them shut down or continuously launch faux complaints about bullets "zinging over their neighborhoods" (which there's no way they're coming from this range unless everyone is having negligent discharges every day). Hence the pvc pipe.

Basically I'm just going to sell a bunch of my guns and move into town. I don't want my first post to be a negative one, but where can I just take an SKS, load it to capacity, and fire controlled pairs at a target 150 meters away? Where do you folks shoot at?
I live in Florida and I'm working with lawmakers to approve more funding for more public ranges through FWC.

When I used to live in North Miami-Dade County, Markham Park Range and Trail Glades Range were of equal distance to me.

Here's some pictures of the local public range I go to. It is about twenty minutes from me. They have a 2-position 200-yard rifle range, 29-position 100-yard rifle range, 35-position 25-yard handgun range, automated 15-station sporting clays course, automated 5-stand sporting clays field, 3 automated trap/skeet fields, 5-position 15-yard air rifle range, stationary archery range out to 65 yards, and a walk-through archery course. They also have a few individual combat shooting bays that you can rent.





Rifle/handgun range is $11.78 all day.
Youth between the ages of 10-17 pay $8.75 (Plus tax).
Sporting clays and 5-stand are $9 per 25 targets.
Trap and skeet are $8 per 25 targets (Plus tax).
Air rifle range is $3 a day, and youth pay $2 (Plus tax).
Stationary archery range is $3, and youth pay $2 (Plus tax).
Walk-through archery course is $5, and youth pay $3 (Plus tax).

Here's my Father shooting at the range. The use of human silhouette targets is not taboo by any means.



The rules for the general shooting line is "no rapid fire" and that translates to one round per two-three seconds. The individual combat shooting bays, you can go hog wild and unload with a belt-fed MG if you want.
For as much hate as I get for living on the left coast...

The couple of ranges that I go to are 600 yards and have the ability to go to 1000.


Then we have BLM land.

View attachment 1204831

If you look closely, that far white dot is sitting at 2000 yards.

There's always a tradeoff to where you live.
Yes, ASR is a great range. And BLM land[ desert], is even better. No people, quite and simply beautiful desert terrain. It is where I shoot 90% of the time. Shooting, solitude, BLISS!
I shoot at a private club rifle range. That does require me to be a member of the NRA(I'm a life member) & only charges $100 a year for membership & one 4hr work day per year. We have 10 bays with ranges from 30 to 100 yds & rifle ranges from 375 yd to 500 yds. They give us gate scan cards that opens the main gate to allow us access to the range & all the bays or ranges. There are no range nazis to watch over us we police ourselves. We are a non profit club & we allow the local law enforcement to practice & do qualifying drills on our range.
We can shoot just about anything we want even full auto if we can afford it.
416 Rigby I shot coyotes out my bedroom window with a 416 loaded with light 350gr Sptz Speers.
Hehe, I did that once when I was about 14. Had the window and screen open. I shot from inside the room with a '94 30-30. Never did that again. That probably started my hearing degradation. Mother shrieked from downstairs, and my dad came boiling upstairs wondering what I was doing. Got the coyote, tho'. Oh the days........

Now, I shoot on the same home place, albeit outside, and also at a gun club 20 min away. It's not too prohibitive, but rules have increased as times and population have changed.
-West out
You might consider leasing the hunting rights on a peice of land someone else owns, then you could shoot, and hunt. It’s common around here (Ala), don’t know about PA.

I’ve always shot out of my front door, well not always…. Sometimes I would hit a cow, so technically where I shoot depends on where in the pasture the cows are. Super glad I grew up in the country.
In KY I had 20 acres and could shoot on my property.
A sacrifice of moving to FL was now I shoot at an indoor range; but, I can walk down the street to the ocean and I could not do that in KY.
I never thought our country would come to this, and feel sorry for people who did not grow up when I did. Back in the 60s and 70s (in the rural South, at least) people could do just about anything they wanted as long as they didn't hurt anyone.

I remember the first time I ever shot a gun. My father wanted me to learn how to shoot his pistol. We lived at the edge of town, at the lower end of a dead-end street with about 20 houses on it....small yards. The high school was right behind our house, and a golf course was next door. Behind the high school was a grassy field of about 5 acres, still on school property. It had a creek running through it, and a steep slope on the other side of the creek that made a good backstop. We took an empty coffee can and put it on the other side of the creek and plinked at it with the .380. (This was in summer and school wasn't in session). We did the same thing a couple of times later with a single-shot .22 rifle. Nobody noticed or said anything. This would have been about 1965 or 1966.

I remember back in about 1971, one Saturday our boy scout troop was scheduled to have a shooting day out at a church camp a few miles out of town. For some reason both of my parents were gone that morning and I didn't have a ride downtown, so I had to walk. I put my Remington 581 over my shoulder and marched the mile or so downtown and walked into the church basement with it (our troop met in the basement of the Methodist church). Nobody noticed or said anything.

In the mid-70s I was in high school. That was before the engineered collapse of the tobacco economy, and there were many active small farms in our county; people could support a family raising a few acres of tobacco and a few dozen cows. The farmer's sons drove their pickups to school. They had gun racks behind the seats with 22s and shotguns in them, farmer's guns. Parked in the school lot all day. Nobody noticed or said anything. There was never any trouble. The dramatic arts teacher at the school had his students perform a play every semester that involved a shotgun wedding scene, and he would write a note to the principal to allow some student to bring his shotgun to class to use as a prop in the play. My junior-year annual has a photo of one of my friends holding his Remington 870 in the classroom during the performance.

It seems like with each successive generation, we lose more freedom and liberty. Young people nowadays have been so brainwashed by Bolshevik teacher's unions and pathologic leftist propaganda that they don't even know what to insist upon or defend. At some point there must be a cathartic social cataclysm to set things right again, and it will be wrenching for a lot of the populace.
Which I've said about 5 different times in this thread is illegal in Pennsylvania.
Id love to see where youre coming up with this. What I see you referring to is DCNR and Game Lands regs on state land.

§ 135.181. Rifle and handgun ranges.​

(a) General provisions. In addition to § 135.2 (relating to unlawful actions), the following pertain to lands under Commission ownership, lease or jurisdiction designated as rifle or handgun ranges:
They don't apply to private property. If its your property, or you have permission to be there, and you arent in town, or in a congested area, where there may be local regs or restrictions against it, you can do whatever you want.

Out here in the hinterlands, you see rifle benches all over the place, just out in peoples yards and fields, and more often than not, they just have a target stand set up out in the fields and don't even have a "range" type backstop to shoot into.
Regarding the "brainwashing" of the young, in defense of the current age cohorts and year groups, remember that between the high rate of illegitimacy and the high divorce rate these are the first generations for who fatherlessness is the norm. Then there's the widespread rejection by men of the role of protector, provider-mentor.
Hence our schools are often just daycare centers. Several indoor ranges have opened up here in Central NJ, some allow centerfire rifles. One I go to has a 50 yard range. Being next to someone firing a 308 indoors is a little much, but it is better than no shooting
Regarding the "brainwashing" of the young, in defense of the current age cohorts and year groups, remember that between the high rate of illegitimacy and the high divorce rate these are the first generations for who fatherlessness is the norm. Then there's the widespread rejection by men of the role of protector, provider-mentor.
Yes, that's correct, and it's heartbreaking. I have friends and relatives who became high-school teachers, and they all either retired as soon as they could, or quit and took up other professions, because of the abuse they received from their students. Things are really different from when I was in school. :(
Sometimes I would hit a cow, so technically where I shoot depends on where in the pasture the cows are
Yep. A few days ago, my wife and I were out ground squirrel shooting on our friend's ranch near here. We do that several times every spring, and we always stop by our friend's house to ask them where their cattle are - because that country is just hilly enough that there could be a hundred head of angus beef hidden on the other side of a hill that's not tall enough to stop a .22LR bullet from skipping over it. :oops:
In the state of Kentucky, $200k will easily get you about 20 acres of hills, IE shooting land, with a modest house on it.
In the state of Kentucky, $200k will easily get you about 20 acres of hills, IE shooting land, with a modest house on it.
I'm a lot closer to Lexington that you are. Around here, that might get you a 1/5 acre lot with a modest house.
Id love to see where youre coming up with this. What I see you referring to is DCNR and Game Lands regs on state land.

That's because you have no idea what you're talking about and you didn't look anything up. The law literally cannot be more clear:


Title 34; Chapter 25 - Protection of persons and property

§ 2507. Restrictions on shooting.

Target shooting shall only be lawful when it is done

(i) Upon property owned by the shooter or by a guest of the property owner.

(ii) Within 200 yards of the camp or other headquarters where the person shooting is quartered or is an invited guest or visitor.

They even wrote it again in the State Game Land Regs you quoted: (§ 135.41. State game lands.)

So what does that mean?

You cannot target shoot on state gameland unless at an established game commission shooting range and you have a hunting license or range permit

"That means I target shoot in the gamelands, right?"
No, unless at an established game commission shooting range and you have a hunting license or range permit

"Can I target shoot at State Parks"
No, unless at an established game commission shooting range and you have a hunting license or range permit

"Can I target shoot in State Forests?"
No, unless at an established game commission shooting range and you have a hunting license or range permit

"Can I target shoot in 'the strip-pens?"
No, unless you own them (which you don't)

The only place you can target shoot in which you don't own is the Allegheny National Forest, which was aptly pointed out by Simple Shooter:

That's because it's federal land and federal law supersedes state law. <3

Yeah it's not against the law to shoot out in the bush. Or abandoned mine strip-pens. Only time i was asked to not shot in one area. They were going to log for a few weeks. After they were done. It was good to go.
Yes, it is. See above.

It's pretty crappy people in this forum are going out into the woods they don't own, blasting away, and telling themselves because they haven't been caught yet that must mean it's legal. You guys are breaking the law.

Worse, they're encouraging other people to do it and they're being cheered on by people who are equally ignorant of the law. You're going to have other members follow your crap advice and get into trouble. Great "community" you guys got here.

Sorry, but In Pennsylvania, this is against the law.

Call an attorney and ask if you don't believe me.
We're blessed with having property & outdoor places to go shoot off the tailgate like I've been doing since the 1960's. I loathe indoor ranges & shoot pretty much every week. I do miss shooting in the backyard that we did for years when we lived on a farm outside of town & now I have to be careful just shooting a bow as it's technically not allowed-it's not what you do, it's who you let see you doing it! Not sure what I'd do if I got shut down but think I'm good for a long while.
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