It's Wheelgun Wednesday

My revolvers have been "getting me killed on the street" since the 1980's.

Really tired of hearing the completely untrue "criminals are attacking in larger groups" every time a higher-capacity 9mm comes out. No, they are not. Buy the gun if you want, but please stop trotting out that lame rationalization.

This is the one that will be getting me killed today. :)

Somehow I knew somebody was going to "go there" with the .32 thing!

Such an adventurous soul!
I'll be looking for your skydiving news story when you turn 100... :rofl:
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I carry nothing at all. Couldn't hide one on my skinny old butt by any means and I am not going to carry a man purse. I am seldom out and about anymore and am particular where I go when I am. If you aren't a gang banger and there aren't a lot of of those your chances are higher to be struck by lightning or winning the lottery than getting into a shooting situation around here.
My revolvers have been "getting me killed on the street" since the 1980's.
I only had to go out today to pick up dog food, so I indulged in Wheelgun Wednesday. Of course, my Colts will get me killed on the street too, because everyone knows the backwards cylinder release precludes a fast-enough reload...

Good enough for Leroy Brown.
But he had a razor in his shoe for back-up... Don't have a razor but an Izula makes a good boot knife..

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I'm pretty much back to "Wheelgun all week" these days. I'm too lazy to lug around a semi and a half box of ammo. If six rounds of 327 Magnum with a speedloader for a backup won't get me out of whatever trouble I somehow got myself into, well, I guess I'm just having a really bad day.


And this thing is a hoot to shoot with 32 Smith and Wesson Long, which I reload for now. Sort of between a 22 LR, and a 38 wadcutter. My old, arthritic hands appreciate that.