Kibler range report

You are correct about the soak time Hawg. But also any of that dowling stuff is really a joke, good hickory is the only way to go for a quality and authentic rod. I also recall Kirkland saying that about a kerosene soak, but I heard that as a kid back in in the '50's. I have never had a hickory rod so treated either swell or break.
You mean a few months. Days won't do it.
I’ve done that with cedar arrows before, I used lacquer sealer and soaked the shafts for at least a couple weeks. If you spend a lot of time sorting and grading you’ll end up with weight matched HEAVY port orford cedar arrows. it’s a huge pain in the neck. Especially once I remodeled an old house and repurposed the dense, old growth Douglas fir case and baseboard into arrow shafts. Much better. Straight, almost unbreakable, and heavy.
I went out to play some so not really a range report. Distance was about 35-40 yards +or-. I had nothing to rest on so everything was offhand. I was just sitting in the back of my Jeep. My last outing I was hitting low so I took a full bead this time. I have a taller rear sight but it's being browned and I haven't installed it yet. I tried 70 and 80 grain loads to start. 70 grains was a wimpy load and hit 5 inches dead center left. Second shot was 80 grains and hit 2 3/4 left and a tad higher. Third shot was 90 grains and hit 3 1/4 inches high and 3/4 inch right. I stuck with 90 grains and moved to Coke cans. I was 5 for 7 on Coke cans. I despise shooting at paper. I only took 10 balls with me. My loosening screws helped but not a lot. It still has a perceptible delay even with the crushed 3F in the pan. I used a lot less priming powder too so I can't say which was the improvement. I did notice if the priming charge wasn't right under the flash hole the delay was worse. Next time out I'll try some 2F and see how that works and I'll try to figure out something to rest on. I guess I won't be needing a pan primer after all. The three bottom holes are from last time. Notice the bottom right hole and the top hole are in line with each other. The powder charge was the same. The distance and my sight picture were different as well as being offhand this time. I did try a patch made out of denim but I didn't bring a hammer to get it started. I didn't recover any patches but with the grass as tall as it was I didn't expect to. I used the same 100% cotton T shirt patches I used last time and the same patches I've used in my Hawken. I posted that on the Kibler group on Facebook and I got so many negative responses I almost left the group. I won't be posting anything else there so please keep your negative responses to yourself.

Interesting that you got left to right movement with the charge increase. Don't pay any attention to the peanut gallery, I like to use the commercial round cleaning patches for shooting patches when I am just fooling around. They are cheap, convenient, and work just fine.
I've just always liked cutting them at the muzzle. No chance of getting one off center that way.
I got some pillow ticking from Walmart years ago for my hunting loads but it's too thick for everyday shooting.
I’ve found that the harder it is to seat the load, the more accurate it is.
Just my 2 cents.

That is true but my pillow ticking loads require a hammer handle and a 10 inch short starter to get the ball far enough down the bore to use the ramrod. Not something I want to do for plinking loads.
The canvas I use does require a short starter but once its down about 4 inches it's no problem to push the ball down. I lube my patches with Pinesol. It really helps with cleanup after a shooting session.
The canvas I use does require a short starter but once its down about 4 inches it's no problem to push the ball down. I lube my patches with Pinesol. It really helps with cleanup after a shooting session.

Mine takes a short starter and a whacker. :rofl: I was thinking I measured my ticking right after I got it and it was .020 but that was years ago. I had a yard of it but I haven't hunted in so long I either don't remember where I put it or it got left behind during one of my moves. I tried a piece of denim the other day and it would have taken about the same effort but I didn't have anything to whack the short starter with. It measures .036. My balls measure .528. Don't even go there.:rofl:
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That canvas from Wally World measures .018. Takes a smack on the short starter to get it going but then it's a fairly easy push to run it down.
Think they used to carry about .010" think canvas but haven't seen any the last few times there. Use there pillow ticking tho, Walmart must think people are still making a bunch of pillows these days lol. Anyone have there SKU number for the canvas.