Looking for some info on 2 kina of obscure guns

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Aug 16, 2013
Northeast Ohio
So I came across two guns I have never heard of until today and was hoping you all could provide a little more info. The first is a Ramline Syn-Tec Pistol in .22lr. Kind of looks like a mostly polymer and ugly Ruger MKII knock off.

The 2nd would be a Davis Industries D-32 derringer in .32ACP.

I am mostly just curious about the guns histories or the companies and if anyone has any first hand experience with them. While I did find some info out on the internets about these I was hoping you all might have a little more insight.

Thanks in advance!
Davis .32 ACP derringer

I have one that I bought circa 1985 at a Houston gunshow. I'm pretty sure I paid about $50 for it. Still have the original box and "instruction booklet". I don't recollect the last time I fired it.

It's a real little beauty :D Shiny chrome plated and wood grips that look like walnut but I am certain they are not. I recall being able to get on paper with both barrels at 7-10 yards but that was it.
They're both very cheap guns. I have only seen one Ramline pistol and the owner called it a "Jamline" pistol. I fired it once and it was very unreliable with every ammo we tried. It was also constructed of a very cheap feeling plastic.

The Davis derringers are constructed primarily of a zinc cast metal called Zamak. It has steel internals and barrel inserts but I'm not sure how long the lifespans will be. Cobra currently still produces the same derringer and it sells between $120 and $160 with a lifetime warranty.
Ramline was known primarily for making aftermarket synthetic and folding stocks. The pistol was never a great seller and almost every review I have found online is sorely negative.
They also produced a line of "guaranteed to jam or your money back" mags at the same time as the pistol. Maybe the pistol would have worked if someone else made the mag.
I have the chrome/nickel plated D32. One of the reasons I wanted a .32 autoloader. Bought it brand new unfired for a song from a buddies mother who bought it way back for protection. Don't think they are really worth anything though.
Thankfully these aren't my guns!

I thought that the Davis was the same as the Cobras, they looked identical. Thanks for confirming that.

If anyone knows anything else, particularly about the ramline let me know!
Davis folded because of California lawsuits, Cobra Ind. surfaced with same guns in Colorado, in fact Cobra will honor all Davis warranty's { very good about it also } . Good little derringers for the money, just remember, very little money. I have a couple, sometimes I even fire them. Alloy frame, steel insert barrel. Very inaccurate over 5 feet, very hard trigger pull { heavy trigger pull in a derringer is a type of safety }. They share the same bad press as Hi Point's because of the price range ( cheap ) Now Davis' little autos, don't know, never had one , never heard anything good about them.
I've owned two of the Ramlines. They functioned ok. Horrible triggers; internals felt like plastic rubbing together; not very impressive accuracy;
The old Davis is now Cobra and are made in Salt Lake City. I have a Davis DM .22 Magnum and the Cobra parts are interchangeable.

Its only firing on the top barrel right now. Can't figure it out. The bottom firing pin gets hit hard enough to hurt my finger as I hold it over the pin.; just as hard as the top one. Maybe its my 20-year old ammo.
It's hard to put a lot of effort into a fifty-dollar gun.

Used to have a Davis Derringer in .38 Special. Accurate to minute of gambler across a card table. Let it go as part of a trade a few years ago. A Bond Arms 45C/.410 has replaced that one.
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