My New Saiga

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While I liked how my .223 Saiga held and shot as it came out of the box, now that I've got it converted and replace the factory FCG with a Tapco, I love it. A pistol grip on that gun makes all the difference in the world. Have fun!
Is that a 7.62? I do love Saigas. :)

I don't know if it's just me, but shooting mine, I ended up with a bruised shoulder with red lines. Supposedly from wrinkles in a shirt and a hard stock.

My conversion stock's gonna have a rubber butt plate...
all I can say is ....

you'll like it a lot better if you do the conversion "correctly" and move the trigger group forward.

especially with that 20"'ll appreciate the difference in balance if you move the PG forward ~3"

the rifle in the sporter config. is front heavy and the combined PG/stock sets that get tacked on the back do nothing to correct this.

How tall are you? You may well appreciate getting a proper length of pull (with a NATO length stock) without increasing the rifles overall length.

don't let anyone scare you off doing the trigger group swat out. Instructions and on line advice abound... and hundreds have done it with a hand drill.

a couple of the secondary benefits of doing the trigger group are...

1. you'll understand how the rifle works much better
2. the G2 trigger is a big improvement.

my $.02, worth what you paid for it.

The fringe bene
Thanks for all the comments. It is a 7.62x39, 20" barrel. I was gonna do the feed ramp, trigger group, butt stock, front hand guard, and maybe the gas piston for compliance on the conversion.
I love Saiga's I have a 12ga, 3 .223, one 7.62x39 and a .308 converted all they all work great I like using the G2 FCG with the doubble hook triger from Tapco.
The tapco "galil" hand guard, it works for some people, some people find it flimsy, sometimes the retainer doesn't stay on or put...

Check out the posts at the Saiga12 forum regarding the hand guard.

Also there are a few alternatives, can also be seen at the S12 forum
here's my recent addition, I picked it up used here on THR. I added the scope and the olive. It is a 18" .308 with a 20 rounder

Here's my Saiga. Which is also my home-defense rifle for various reasons.

It has dimpled receiver, warsaw length Kvar buttstock, G2 double hook trigger, saw grip, and XS big-dot tritum sights. These sights dominate for speed. Easy to see and pick up - great for shooting fast or at movers.

Click the thumbnails for larger photo

Dont tread on me,

where did you get those sights and how much did they cost?
Don't Tread On Me, my Saiga is identical to yours although I have the 20rd mags instead. Like the front sight, might have to consider that.
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