Newest UK alternative to self-defense??

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Dex Sinister

Dec 29, 2002
Northern CA. No, S.F. is not "in the north".
UK News-Telegraph 2/14/2005: A large black ball, originally designed by Swedish scientists for use on Mars, could be the latest weapon in the war against burglars.... :what:

Robotic ball that chases burglars

Also interesting series of articles referenced at bottom from January and December, relating to the Tory attempt to reconsider whether "the current test of whether force used in self-defence is 'reasonable' should be changed to "grossly disproportionate" before a prosecution of a householder who injures or kills an intruder is considered."

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Or even a worse B-movie, "Phantasm," where you had those little balls that would fly around and nail people.
Sounds great to me - primarily because it can take pictures. It might only be able to corner wimpy crooks that fear a 10 pound ball, but it could be useful in private security.

Also, everyone interested in the UK's laws regarding self defense should read the articles dex references. It's been stated many times on this board that their laws make it virtually impossible to legally use a weapon in self defense but these articles claim otherwise.
I wonder how the ball would hold up to this?

Do they really have the "balls" to use these things? :D

Actually I think a two foot diameter ball would have a pretty hard time of going cross country. Most back yards have a hedge or fence that would be easy for someone to jump, but the ball ain't gonn'a make it! May work well for inside recon work, but chasing down someone is going to be a trick.
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