Next $100 milsurp?

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Apr 19, 2006
I've been wondering, what is going to be the next milsurp to hit the market that goes for about $100 that has ammo that can be found? One can only have so many mosin nagants:cool:. Also, any chance we'll ever seen cheap spam cans of ammo in any caliber again?

I'm trying to see if anyone knows of a rifle type that has not made its way to the U.S. market yet with the exception of NFA items. Or more probably, are those days gone for good, as I don't expect the registry to open back up in my lifetime.
Wideners has the Yugo M24-47 Mauser clones for $129. 8mm is still pretty cheap.

I've seen Swiss K31's for $200, although 7.5x55 is more expensive and harder to find.
I don't think you will see that again, even Mosin prices are creeping up.
BTW I bought a K-31 about 3-4 years ago at Dunhams during the Black Friday sale for 80 or 90 bucks. Now see where the price is at.
The reason why we got so lucky with a flood of cheap milsurps was the bloody 20th Century. You had two world wars followed by a lengthy cold war with nations stockpiling for the next big conflict in between. I doubt we'll see armed conflicts of that scale again in our lifetimes or even our children's lifetimes so when the current stock of milsurps dry up that's about it.

Bad for firearms collectors with loose change, good for the future of much as I love milsurps I'd still call it a good trade.
Also, take into consideration that UN is going around alot of the developing nations and offering cash to destroy small arms and ammo.
I don't think you'll see anything cheaper than the Mosins. Its all supply and demand and there are millions of Moisins out there. The low price is helped by former Warsaw pact countries looking for hard currency and the willingness to sell cheap.
I agree with the above - the monumental scale of weapons being built for World Wars involving millions of armed Soldiers and millions of tons of ammunition to support nations around the globe, kept in storage for decades until the arms were nearly obsolete for modern warfare and kept by nations whose economies collapsed and warehouses of them could be purchased very cheaply. When these are gone they are gone for good unless you can pick them up on the used domestic market at garage sales, consignments, etc.

Also, these "milsurps" are viewed as harmless bolt action or obsolete firearms and under the radar of anti-gunners. In years to come, I doubt that the evil looking semi-automatics will be on the list of C&R.
It probably took 100 years for those prices and availability to get like that. Maybe in 100 years we will see AR15's for $100 each but at this rate of inflation it would probably be more like $1000.
Having read about many Tons of surplus (former) Soviet and Warsaw Pact ammo being destroyed by European tax payers' funds, how about just a few more ammo import questions.:scrutiny:

Our 'friends' across the Atlantik to keep lots of 7.62x39 etc away from arms merchants, smugglers, insurgent/rebel/terrorist groups in Afrika etc.

But even though .....surplus 7.62x54R prices (MN, SVT etc)..... have been very steady for over a year, is this type of ammo targeted by those 'holier-than-thou':cool: "Euro-zone" countries?

Will x54R continue to be imported in consistent quantities as before, even though surplus .303 apparently is not, partly due to import rules which somehow changed after 9/11 etc?
Tschuss..tot ziens. Slap lekker .
That memo apparently hasn't reached me. Which Mosins do you have right now, just of curiosity?

Currently, I have a M44 and a 91/30. They are a blast to shoot, the only other Mosin I am still thinking about acquiring would be a FINN. However, Fins are far from $100 and not as easy to find.
Romanian 8mm (and 7, I'm guessing) still out there too, and Tokarev, and non-corrosive! Yippee! Only one cleaning per weapon!

OOPS! Wrong! Corrosive! Apparently ammo is corrosive unless it says NON-corrosive (they do not advertise corrosive ammo as corrosive, they only advertise non-corrosive as non-corrosive). instead they use words like 'super clean.' I don't care about that, they should say 'super clean AND CORROSIVE' Call me crazy...
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Got a 1940 Czech Mauser VZ-24 for $150, is that close enough? Ammo's cheap too...
Ughh...this thread bumms me out as a new collector...:(it makes going after the two rifles that would complete me depressing:D

All I want is an SVT-40 and a G-43(my holy grail)....:banghead:

I did see a G-43 at that last gunshow here in Colorado but the guy wanted $4400 for it.:what:

French guns are a sleeper market. France is already destroyng their surplus stock cuz of the UN, they are holding good prices for resale due to supply and demand. What is here and in Canada is it, a MAS 49/56 easily brings in the 500 range if in original caliber.
I am seeing the next great wave of milsurps coming in but it is from older collectors passing on. Right now it seems that their collections are being bagged by large dealers and some small time shysters. What we may see is prices coming down as there is less interest in milsurps. I may be wrong but I do not see as many new collectors coming in to fill the gaps of those leaving the ranks. :(
I really don't see a future in newer milsurps. I possibly could see a future in parts guns however the atf is doing all they can to stop that (barrel ban and so on). Everything in modern use is now full auto or select fire so we couldn't sell them to civilians anyway.
There are still warehouses of 303s floating around but the shape they are in makes them sort of worthless with out haveing them worked over a bit before putting on the market. There was that huge find of mil surp found over in one of those far east countries couple of years ago which got a few more guns in the market place. One never knows what could still show up.
Ughh...this thread bumms me out as a new makes going after the two rifles that would complete me depressing

All I want is an SVT-40 and a G-43(my holy grail)....

I did see a G-43 at that last gunshow here in Colorado but the guy wanted $4400 for it.
You can get an SVT for ~700, but the G43 was never in a price range I'd call reasonable. It was produced in smaller numbers late in the war while German factories were having the crap bombed out of them day and night.
The increase in Mosin and K98 "Russian Capture" prices is a delivery thing. The Russians have warehouses full of M-Ns and K98s. Prices could plummet again if they got a large enough batch imported all at once.

As to what other gun could be the next $100 milsurp? No idea. Possibly none.

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