Not your grandfather's gravity knife

Nice looking knife, I think the model is described as Exo-M.

To be precise, Reate Exo-M Safety Lock Tanto Titanium SMKW Exclusive Nebula Fat Carbon (I feel like I just gave the name of a show horse 😆 ).

And for the, "How's that work?".

What's it for?

My amusement.
A close examination of the mechanism and the quality.
A different gravity knife than the ones I have.
To answer the question in my mind of whether it is just clever or has any practicality.

It locks up well, the knife won't fail without abuse, it is elegantly simple in form and function if a bit unusual. I wouldn't have any qualms using it for even some tasks around the farm or woods.
Interesting to me that these were/are illegal in so many places. This looks like it might actually take a bit more finesse to open than basic folders, let alone flippers and assisted openers. Mechanically it is pretty cool though.
Reate's smaller Exo Titan gravity knife.

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I was close to SMKW and needed some scissor springs for SAKs and made the mistake having a conversation with am employee at the Heretic counter. Next thing I know I'm headed for the Reate counter. <sigh>
Wish gravity knives and autos were legal in Minnesota. Really love the Fat Carbon... the red/white/blue Nebula pattern and the orange/green/back 80's pattern are my favorites. Looks like a great desk fidget knife.