NRA affiliate picks up ally in Supreme Court gun case: Defense attorneys

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Oct 24, 2015
Interesting article. It makes a good point stating that people of color are denied a permit to carry and thus when they are forced to carry to defend themselves they are arrested for not having a permit.

Imagine if they brought up states with Constitutional Carry where anyone who is not a felon does not need a permit to carry.

If all of their clients lived in Constitutional Carry states none of them would be arrested.

NY is making people criminals by denying their Constitutional right to carry outside the home. When people say, "I'd rather judged by 12 than carried by 6" these people are living it.

If the SCOTUS was really into "protecting rights" a tax on any right in any state would have been shut down over 200 years ago.

Given SCOTUS punts the last few months, I'm not getting my hopes up. They were defied big time just yesterday when their ruling on evictions was completely ignored.

I don't see it as "racial" at's more of "class discrimination." In places like NYC the connected and those with enough money to donate to the mayor or governor's election coffers routinely get permits. President Trump bragged about this back in 2015 as I recall.
I lost a lot of respect for the Supreme Court last year. It's time they start making ruling based on constitutional law rather than political posture.
Totally agree. I'm glad they picked it up. But I'm sure the only reason was the discussion factor tied to it.
Using race to get what you want is the old "think of the children" mantra rebranded.
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