O.K. so what did I screw up on my Win. 94

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Mar 10, 2008
I have a late fifties Winchester 94, I haven't even shot it yet as I wanted to give it a good cleaning and lube. I noticed the screw/plug that is missing in the photos was loose and took it out with the intention of putting some lock tight on it. Now it wont go back in and it looks like the threaded piece it would screw into is no longer lined up with the hole in the reciever. Also when the trigger is pulled the hammer doesn't seem to have much force and has some play in it once down.

What did I do? Also, I can't seem to get the screw out that holds the butt stock on, it turns a small amount left and right but won't budge past that. What's the best way to go about getting it out if it's stripped? should I just drill it out? I have proper gunsmithing screwdrivers and a set of taps and dies.


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As the wood dries out it shrinks a little and it can require a little nudging to get things to line up. Also threads can get a little rusty and be hard to move, If you use a good fitting screwdriver and while applying pressure to the driver tap it with a hammer in quick sharp taps and the screw will come out than you may have to use a punch to push the screw out the rest of the way.
Once the stock is out check for rust or crude. When ordering parts always include the serial number or you may not get the right part.
The screw you took out holds the flat mainspring that drives the hammer to the tang. The little screw in front of it provides pre-tension on the spring, after the spring is tightly screwed down with the bigger screw you took out.

The only possible way to fix it now it with the stock off.

Use some penetrating oil on the threads and use a properly fitted screwdriver to take it out.

To re-assemble the spring to the tang, back off the small tension screw, put the spring back on, then adjust the tension screw again.

BTW: There are several other screws on the receiver of a Model 94 that you shouldn't take out either, unless you know why they put them there in the first place.

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rcmodel-Can you recommend a good reference book on Winchester leveractions that would have that kind of info? I have a couple of Marlins but this is my first Winchester and it's a little more complicated.

Thanks for the help.
Cornell publications have great take down manuals written in the late 50's by A.A.Arnold, design engineer for Winchester. Most have 50 -100 design schematics with step by step instructions and tricks to assemble / disassemble them with the least amount of commotion.

They have one for the Model 94 and they are only $19.95 !

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