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Mar 9, 2011
Central Pennsylvania
Some of you may know this, but in real life I'm Mike Beliveau. I'm the Black Powder editor of "Guns of the Old West" magazine...I also write a reloading column for "Combat Handguns" magazine.

I started a fan page on Facebook. It has lot's of pictures loaded from my magazine articles and I'm putting up more content all the time.

If you're on Facebook, and you like the mag, stop by and check out the page.

Hey Mike,

I "friended" you the other day. Great to see you here and love the mags! Another friend of mine, Mike Boyle used to write for Combat Handguns, Glock, etc.


Well Mike I don't use facebook, but I do like your articles in Guns of the Old West. Which I get whenever I can afford a copy.
Mike, I just looked at it and like it. I have a couple of questions for you.
First, I see a bone handled Barlow pocketknife in several of your pictures. It's in the pic with the 2 58 Remington NA and the 66 Remington carbine
What brand Barlow is that? I collect knives and the Barlow is my favorite.

Second, do you know what grip frames and grips will interchange with the Big Bore Bounty Hunter?
I have one in .45 Colt and love it. However, I'm not crazy about the (appears to be) die-cast Zamak grip frame. I'd also like to get some imitation ivory grips for it.

I see you seem to have a love of the Remington New Army Revolver, as do I.
Looks like you're also a fan of the EAA Witness/Tanfoglio TZ75. I concur again. I have a TZ75 9mm and 2 consecutively numbered Witness .45s. One of my favorite designs.
CZ52 fan, are ye? I see one in a pic with a Witness. Love my CZ52.

Do ye have a CZ82? It's a great little pistol.

Nice pics.
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There's no maker's name on that Barlow. I think it is an Indian knock-off. I just use it as a photo prop.

I've never swapped grip frames on the bounty hunters, but I have changed the grips. On my 4.5" BBBH I have a set of Buffalo Brothers poly-ivory grips with a Liberty Cap. on the 7.5" BBBH I had Eagle grips make two sets of grips; a buffalo horn checkered set of gunfighter grips and a pair of smooth black pearlite grips. I'll try to get some pictures up on the page this weekend.

I've had a few EAA Witnesses over the years. Right now I have one in 10mm. For CZs I do have a CZ52, which is a great gun, and I have a .45 ACP CZ97B, which I love. No CZ82...at least not yet.
So, which grips fit the BBBH? Colt? Ruger? Uberti? I'd like to order some imitation ivory grips for mine, but don't know which ones to get.
I'd hate to order grips that fit a Colt and find out that they don't fit the BBBH.

I'm thinking about taking the grip frame off my Pietta 51 Navy and see if it fits the BBBH. The (appears to be) die cast grip frame is the only thing I don't like about the BBBH. I'd like to have blued steel. Or silver plated brass/bronze.

I own quite a few Barlows. The old Schrade is probably my favorite. I also have an old Boker and an old Camilus I like a lot. I have my great grandfather's old Colonial Cutlery (I think) Barlow that was given to me over 30 years ago. I don't use it anymore. It means too much to me. But it takes and holds a great edge.

How did you relieve the cylinder for capper use? Did you use a Dremel with a carbide burr, or did you use a milling machine/rotary table/end mill?
The BBBH grips are very close to Colt, but not exactly so. I have had very good luck with Buffalo Brothers poly-ivory grips, which come oversize so you can fit them to what ever SA revolver you have.

Or, send the gun to Raj at Eagle grips and he'll have whatever you want custom fitted to the BBBH. I've done it both ways.

I use the small diameter sanding drum on a Dremel to open up the nipples on Remington cylinders.

I just added some EAA Big Bore Bounty Hunter pics to the Facebook page. You can see some of the options you could go with. I'll post picks of a different BBBH this weekend.
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