Pay It Forward Redux


Nov 28, 2013
Sacramento, CA
This thread seems to be in hibernations so forgive me for staring a new one...

I have a Lyman Turbo 1200 Tumbler and some media I would like to pass on to someone. I am going Ultrasoncic.

Anyone who wants to come by and pick it up can just come by and get it. I live in Sacramento, CA

Nice chance to meet a High Road person any way.

If no repsonse in a week ro two,I will just take it to the Sacramento Valley Shooting Center and put a "free" tag on it.
I would like to have if possible, I will gladly pay the shipping
More than happy to. I just thought the cost of the shipping shipping would be too much. The unit weighs in just under 9 lbs. and fits in a 12 dia x 15" high Home Depot bucket perfecfly. 10.4 lbs with the bucket. They might let me use it for shipping. I have about 6 lbs of Lyman media. Probably best just to pour into the unit and keep the size of the box down.

I will let you figure out the best method. You can direct message me with the details once you get it all together.
If you could figure out what it would, I could send the fund to you, either Venmo, CashApp, or I can send you a check, up to you