Photos of an old arms dump that will make you cry

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Animal Mother

Aug 15, 2007
I have no idea where this arms dump is located, but it is terrible that some of the pieces of history that were left to the elements to rust and rot.

Why in the world whoever was in charge of at least the bolt action stuff didn't sell this stuff off to one of the big US importers is beyond me. Heck, if they wanted to do the world some good they should have sold it and used the profits to ease world hunger or some other noble cause, but I guess that's just too pragmatic for a limp-wristed anti-gun bureaucrat. :barf:
Interesting web site.

This has been on The High Road before.
Jesus! That pile of Thompsons brought a tear to my eye. I have never seen those photos before. Thanks
^ I just browsed the website a little more. You sir are correct. They seem to be some interesting people:evil:
I'm guessing this is in Vietnam or somewhere near there. The WWII German arms would have been left by the French, the US arms by the US or its advisors, and the AK from China and Russia. How the G3s got there?- I couldn't even guess.
What exactly is up with these Project X guys??

I'm thinking those guns are in a storage facility in the UK.
I dunno, we have one just like it less than 1 mile from where I type this. Ours has most everything from those photos and then some.

No mini-guns though.
Did not see any piles of handguns. Wonder how many you could get back up and working with all the parts available.
That should be worth at least it's weight in value of scrap to be melted down and sold to domestic gun makers. And perhaps a few examples rebuilt from the rest of the pile with 100% parts that work.

First time I see those images and think ya know? It IS sad, but again there is opperutnity if only we knew where they are at.
People do strange things. I once read an article about restoring the Frigate USS Constallation. Not Constitution, but Constallation in Baltamore. The said before they could drydock her they had to remove the weight of the ballast in her hull. It was full of period cannon balls. They sold them as scrap to a junk yard. I know I would have paid good money for a 24 pounder from the early 1800's. What idiots.
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