Pink/Purple grips for a 1911?

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Feb 2, 2006
East Lansing, MI
So I think I've finally convinced my girlfriend to join me at the range. However, there's a little catch.

So, does anyone know where I might be able to find pink or purple grips for my 1911? They don't have to be nice, so micarta or acrylic works fine. I did some googling but it seems that my google-fu is weak for I found none.

Wicked Grips
The 2rco site looks interesting (also awful, but that's the layout and not the product). I don't know about anything more expensive as the pistol will be wearing the double-diamond walnut grips on it already for most of its life. Though I will admit that those Wicked grips look amazing... if only, if only.
Guy Hogue offers many of their grips in the exotic hardwood
Tulipwood - of course every piece of wood is different but
it is said to generally go from medium to pink tones.

The S&W 617 I have has Hogue grips in Coco Bolo
wood, - it goes from black grain to sort of a California
Coral, also has the white spacer for a red/black ( steamed
cherry wood? ) buttcap.

I have the uncheckered Hogue Rosewood grips on my
1911 as well as what Hogue calls Ebony w/palm swell - they're
a synthetic of some sort Black and could be painted any
color blah, yah want I guess.

I like the exotic hardwoods.

I could certainly give it a shot...... I haven't backed down from a challenge yet :D I could get my hands on some woods that are naturally the color that your SO is looking for, or could look into other materials (and mine aren't $145 a set :cool:)
I just now noticed this thread.

I agree the site sucks -I did it myself when I got sick of Ebay.

Our grips are Great!
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