Post a picture of your SBR

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I'm curious if the EVO carbine forend would fit ... as to the Manticore replacement part, it looks nice but if it doesn't add length I'm not interested.

I like their bigger charge handle, but for over $50 I want one that folds, not just a bigger handle that sticks out and increases the chances of getting hung up or caught on something ... In fact I'd still seriously consider it even if it was $100 if it folded!
I Form 1ed my TNW Suomi so it could have the correct 12.4" barrel.


I cut the barrel to about 12.5" - 12.6" with a hacksaw, then faced and crowned the muzzle in my mini-lathe.
SiG 556 & 553 SBR'd pistols, both with Xi lowers, the 556 has the MFI diopter rail ... I don't know who to listen too about conforming to 922r, but I like the SiG logo on the mag well; I like the ambitious mag release; and I have lots of AR mags ...
... and I still have the original lowers and a few of the original rock-in mags so I hope the purest SiG folks don't bash me too hard :rolleyes:


AR-57 ... the upper started life with a 16" barrel and was about to sell it then I found a F/A bolt and my interest was renewed! I had it cut down to 8" so I could run it with my suppressor inside the hand-guard or use a 5.5" flash hider and can use it on the M16 or a SBR'd lower.


CZ Scorpion EVO (top) .. it's the next best thing to the MP5 ... in semi-auto, I'm not sure if I don't like it better; not to mention its 1/3 the price of most decent MP5 clones

Here's mine that arrived this week. It's a Daniel Defense DDM4300s that showed up with a vertical foregrip. I added an Aimpoint CompM4s and a Dead Air Armament SANDMAN-S. I might swap out the trigger for a single stage Geissele at some point and add a Crimson Trace laser/light combination. The combined length of the barrel and suppressor is 16.25". So far so good. :D



Crappy picture, but I wanted to join in...
Hoping to see how it runs with a Fostech Echo trigger before too long (With a subgun can. Don't think the Osprey is rated for any amount of rapid/sustained fire.)
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Not precisely an SBR... but I got the stamp back 1SEP just before going on a 2-week hunting trip and finally got a picture taken. I figured I needed an SBS in the stable before 41F went into effect, so the hunting shotgun received a short barrel. I picked up a rifled slug barrel so I could still use it during deer season.

Now I just need to pick up a +1 tube extension and some tan magpul furniture.

Remington 870 Express cut down to 14.5"
Nice Vector Dragonfly!! What's the magazine capacity you're allowed with those weapons?
Sorry for the delay in responding! In Canada, the mag capacity for magazines designed for rifles is 5, but the capacity for magazines designed for handguns is 10, so as long as I am using a Glock mag I'm good for 10 rounds (not as good as 30 but better than five!).

Similarly, I can use a 10-round mag designed for (and labelled as) AR pistols in my Diablo. I've been shooting long enough to remember the days before the early 1990s when there were no mag restrictions here at all :mad:

Oh, since this is a pic thread I should post my only other "SBR" CZ858 with a 15.4" barrel. :)

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