Press of Choice

The handle in my Jr press is threaded.

When did RCBS change to a pressed in handle?

After looking at pictures I think I may have had a "Partner" press that was much more flimsy than a "Junior" press. It was about 30 years ago that I pitched the press into the garbage can. I got the press as part of a deal with a friend.
I have a Redding T7 for reloading rifle. I like the open throat of this press and it's pretty heavy duty. For pistol I have a Dillon 550C. It took me a while to work up to these two presses and these are perfect for the way I reload. I also have a RCBS Jr in storage.
I use the RCBS Rock Chucker and would like to have a Forster to use but pretty much can assemble anything I need with just the Rock Chucker. Most other presses I suppose could do the same thing as well. What makes my Rock Chucker especially useful is that I can attach the Piggyback on it. The Piggyback is not a great Progressive, but it can work, and it fits in the toy box I use to control my reloading spending (tools only).
I started on a Lyman Spar-T turret with my grandfather in 68 or so. My first personal press was a used RCBS Rock Chucker in about 1975. Then about 10 years later I found a used RCBS turret, a Lee hand press, and Lee anniversary press for a steal. Still have all of them along with 5 MEC 600JR presses. And I eventually inherited my grandfathets Spar-T as well.
On my old bench in GA I had my RCBS RC on one end of my bench and my Lee Classic Cast on the opposite end. My new bench in TN only has my LCC on it now. The RC (and another RC) is under my bench now. Also have a Lee hand press and a cheapy Lee c frame aluminum press down there too.
Since we weren’t handcuffed into picking just one… :cool:
My press of choice would depend on the task.
LEE APP for decapping.
Lyman All-American 8 station for sizing rifle brass.
Dillon 550 for all loading. I also use it as a single stage for rifle loads.
MEC 600 Jr Mark V for 12 gauge.
Turrets kind of get beat up on single stage press/progressive press comparisons as far as speed goes. And I can't disagree with the comparisons. In spite of that I would never give up my Redding T7.
Hornady Lnl first press I learned on, bought an RCBS jr 3 for a song. Sold it to a forum member when I replaced with a 1979 barely used Rockchucker, I use the Lnl bushings for dies for both presses, good to go mates.

I've been using and collecting reloading presses and related equipment for more years than I want to talk about. Meaning that over the ages I have accumumated presses ranging from antique hand tongs to machines that pops out loaded ammo at the flick of a switch. Some are used for the pleasure of reloading, others for the necessity. The press I mainly use for ammo at benchrest competitions is this Dodd-Carstensen tool: press made by Bob Dodd and improved by Jim Carstensen. Dodd's press is mid-size for loading short to medium length ammo and easily clamped to loading benches of various thickness at different shooting venues. The Carstensen modification easily makes precisly measured degrees of case sizing, shoulder position and headspacing with calibrated, click adjustments. A valuable aide during competitions where case dimensions will change during a match due to repeated firing and reloadings. Attached pics show details of press and modication as mounted in moter camper. Dodd Press 3.JPG DSC00008.JPG CamperDesk.JPG
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Dillon 650. It does it all for me
You have too much good sense! I'm weak to the core......I LOVE new toys too much.....maybe my 3 progressives will be least I'm not tempted by turrets.....

Yes, my Pro 2000 can do most anything I want, and it also provides a fix to my biggest flaw.....the love of tinkering. My MD brother has a 650, but he's only sure of himself in the ER....not so much on the reloading I'm invited quite often to buoy him up and encourage. So I'm acquainted with your pride and joy.....its a nice machine too, plenty capable.....I like the built in case feed....had to make one for mine. Pluses and minuses for every press., but once you learn one, its gravy after that.
T7, wish I had time to use it, wife fell in early December ending up with a hairline fractuere in her L1 lumbar so I'm busy with everything she used to do in addition to everything I need to do! There is light at the end of the tunnel!
I’m not much of a reloaded but I do have a nice setup I think.

I have two Lee Breech Lock presses like this that one permanently has a Lee Universal depriming die in and the other has the bullet seating die of my cartridge I am loading for.


I then have a Hornady LnL D frame press for challenging resizing jobs or case modification for wildcats or turning 30-06 brass into 35 Whelen brass or stuff like that.

Then I have a 6 station older Lyman turret press for easy resizing for my straight wall cartridges mostly. Then I usually also use this one for charging cases if I am using dippers which I do for light 44 mag and 45 Colt loads.

I bought all these presses second hand. I got the two Lees and the Lyman turret at the Daytona Turkey run swap meet one year and the Hornady from a member here.