Pro’s / Con’s HK45 US V1 45 ACP Pistol 81000026

I've got a HK45T that was a V1 that I converted to LEM.

Problems I had with the V1 was the safety position. When I tried to run it like a 1911, by disengaging the safety as part 3 of my dray stroke, then leave my thumb riding on it AKA 1911thumbs FWD, the grip pushed the palm (thumb portion) off of the back strap. The safety is just not positioned for he way I like to grip a pistol.

About the same time I was shooting and carrying a P2000 with light LEM and I had just converted a P30L to LEM V0 (retaining the de-cock function). So another LEM (light) was the natural COA. The gun is very accurate and bomb-proof reliable. About the only downside at the time was price of magazine. I literally spent about $700 getting a basic load of mags (10).

My HK45T before LEMing:

I have small paws so the USP was the only negative for me needed to pass on this firearm. I do love my HK P30v3 in 9mm with adjustable size grip panels.

Same thing here with me: smaller size hands and the USP were not a good fit together! No complaints with my HK VP9's interchangeable backstraps and grip inserts. Very easy to get a custom fit for your hand!
The LEM on either the HK45 or P30 is an acquired taste, but it is consistent. Then you have excellent ergonomics, reliable performance, and a hammer to cover with your thumb when reholstering.
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Pistol arrived today. It fits the hand nicely. Got the paperwork. Next step Sherifs Office and then I can pick it up. Maybe Thursday.
Picked it up today. It’s nice. Will shoot tomorrow or Friday. Then I am off on another work trip. Virginia. Feels good in the hand. Thanks everyone for your comments. It made the selection easier. Already checked, no RFID Chip.
Oh. Forgot Pictures
Cool. Enjoy. You do know that after you shoot this bad boy, you're on the hook for picking up the Compact model as well, right? Then the P30.

And then, next thing you know, you'll be looking at HK's and Walther's (also worthy hammer-fired semiautos made in Deutschland) history -- so if you ever see a used P-7 (arguably one of the most interesting pistols ever made), P88 or P5 (the two coolest Walther pistols ever, forget the PPK), you'll be truly hooked. Seriously, the Walther hammer-fired pistols are just plain cool But I feel like the HK45 is the sum of HK's evolution and achieved sweet ergonomics, a practical operating system and a nice, reliable pistol.

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I loaded up all the mags last night. Packed my range bag. I have just a couple work items today then off to go shooting.
I have one on my list some day. I have it’s little brother, the HK45c for when I want to carry .45 and it’s quickly become probably my favorite .45. Actually had a much better range day last week than my 1911 Dan Wesson (which made me sad).

As much as HK triggers get hated on, mines (and the full size I’ve looked at the shop) SA trigger is quite nice and I shoot it really well. A pile of dry fire and I’m on target and on time with the heavy DA pull consistently. Bonus is getting used to that made all my other triggers easier to shoot too.
I had this out a couple more times. My son also shot it. We filled a target full of holes. It worked well. It’s a keeper.
I bought an HK45 V1 and an FN545 a couple of weekends ago and what a pair of guns. The HK fits my hands perfectly and is a pretty soft shooter. I have to think with that big banana shaped trigger but no problem banging a big hole dead center. The FN 545 is also a soft shooter and has great ergos. It comes with suppressor height tritium sights and the front sight is like having a red dot. Easy to pick up and put rounds on top of each other. I like that it has its own system for mounting almost any red dot on the market without a plate and comes with 15 and 18 rd mags. Great pair of guns.