Question about spotting scopes

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Oct 25, 2010
I have done a little research but not too much yet. I was hoping peoples experience would chime in here.

I want a spotting scope currently for use from 100-500 yds. Right now it would be used for my 22's and 223 but intend on getting another longer range rifle somewhere down the road so would want it capable of being used with a 308 or 30-06.

I have no clue what I am looking for as far as good brands at a reasonable cost, what power etc. Input welcomed. Thanks ahead of time.
If you plan to shoot out to 500 yards, odds are you are going to be buying some pretty nice glass for your rifle. Most just use their rifle scope as a spotting scope when you get out that far. At least in my experience, that's how it works and that's how I've seen others do it was well.

My logic is, I don't see a need to spend money on a spotting scope when my rifle scope can see that far anyways. YMMV
My old 243win rifle had a Nikon Monarch 3-12 x 42 on it and shot out to 500 yds just fine but I noticed guys using spotting scopes to check their shots when I wasn't.
Like I said, YMMV :)

I would think something from any of the reputable dealers would be just fine. Regarding zoom, I'm sure it's like anything else...find your price range and spend a little more. You can never have too much, but you can surely have too little.

You could also ask some of the guys you see using them, what they use, how much it cost, if they like it etc. They will probably even be willing to let you look through it if you played nice
I can only say I have a very good pair of Leupold 10x binoculars.

And it is all they can do on a good sunny day to make out .22 cal bullet holes in a black target center at 100 yards.

For 500 yards, you are going to need a dang good high-dollar spotting scope with excellent resolution to see .22 holes in a black target.

More here:

Trying to see .22 diameter bullet holes at 500 yards, especially in the black, is a tough thing to do because of mirage, even with expensive spotters, like $1K+ units

You could pony up for a top shelf unit and take your chances, or lower your distance expectations, or use shoot-n-see targets
Let me clarify a little. I don't see me going out to 500 with a 22. 200 with the 223 max for practice for tactical rifle and three gun. It's set up with a reddot and 3x magnifier. Maybe 200 with the 22 no idea at this point but it will be the inexpensive way to practice my bolt gun basics. So may go iron sights only on that.

The 500 yds will be for the 308 or 30-06 I end up with. Bigger holes to see.

I know those will shoot further but the range I have easily available only goes out to 500 so shoot what I got. I sold the 243 because no where convenient to shoot. Now there is.
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