Recommend me an ankle revolver please

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I tried ankle and boot carry with a number of small guns and none were comfortable enough to continue doing it. Good luck finding a good fit, but my suggestion is to start over and find a good ankle holster then a gun to fit it.
I respect everyone's opinions but I am going to tell you what has worked for me.

The "comfy partner" by renegade holsters is top notch. I use it for an Sp101 and a 442 J frame (different holsters, same model).

Of course the 442 is more comfortable due to weight, and the caveat is I don't walk around all day in it, but also pocket or IWB depending on need.
A J-frame Airweight is certainly the best bet. My favorite revolver is my Ruger SP101 in .37/.357 but it's awfully chunky for ankle carry.

Be aware that, depending on how much room there is on your pants' lower legs, you may print REALLY BADLY unless you pick a very tiny gun or get baggier slacks.

As I'm now in a wheelchair, I'm following this thread because for me, ankle carry would be ideal for several reasons. But I'm stuck with my tiniest guns unless I go replace every pair of jeans I own :p. Boot cut jeans are not your friend with this.
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