Reducing/Improving the trigger on a Ruger #1; what is your experience?

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Nov 24, 2010
Springfield, MO
The trigger on my Ruger #1 breaks at about 7 pounds. I would prefer 2 to 3 pounds.

How do I get there?

Thanks for your suggestions and experience.
I have read that the pre 85 models had 3 screws for adjustment, but that the stock needed pulled to get to the 3rd.
My old 70's B model was fine (bought used).

My RSI ('85 model) was around 4#. For a woods gun it was OK........only had a 4X on it and cloverleafed from the bench at 75 yards.

Did not pull it apart to see if it had a 3 screw trigger or not.

Solution is to buy the old trigger (dunno if just a direct swap), an aftermarket, or take to a reputable 'smith.
I happen to know of one, actually a rifle builder..........familiar with the #1 quite a bit.
Dunno what he'd charge to slick one up.

Have my eye on a redpad 1A in .30-06............might buy it this weekend (if still there).
This post is a bit dated, but just to share my experience with the Ruger #1 rifle, I’ll proceed.

I became totally enamored with the Ruger single shot with my first purchase in .222 Rem. The wood was above average, with the Alexander Henry fore end and the barrel band mounted sling swivel. That rifle was absolutely one beautiful rifle to look at. I eventually acquired half-dozen number ones at one point before the reality set in; the factory barrels were mediocre at best and the design of the trigger mechanism seriously limited any attempts at lightening the weight of pull. A custom button rifled barrel solved the accuracy issues, but I could never remedy the trigger conundrum. Disenchantment led me to sell them off and move on to something I could work with, Rem 700s or Sako rifles. Looking back, I’ve never thought, “Gee, I wish I would’a kept one of those Rugers.”

To answer your question, “How do I get there?” The very first thing that popped into my mind was, “buy a Martini.” And then invest as much dough as you’re comfortable with and you’ll end up with an accurate rifle with lightning fast lock time. Having sold off the majority of my rifles, I still have a bunch of Martinis kicking around and enjoy plinking about with them. They bring fond memories vs. a lot of remorse.

That’s my two bits worth. Remember, you pays your money and you makes your choice; ain’t freedom grand?

Good advice is never late! I appreciate your comments.

I shot 4-position .22 rifle competition while in high school ROTC. The target rifle I used, an old Remington 513T, had a decent trigger, so it became the standard by which others are judged. My #1 really is not all that bad for a deer rifle, but I was dreaming of some cheap way to make it feel like that old Remmie.

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