Reloading accident! ;)


Sep 28, 2018
No guns or people were harmed during this reloading room accident! :)
Spent some time this morning repairing my 30 year old separator I've used a lot. It was involved in a hit and run while stored in a corner of my gun room! Just sitting there innocently when some hard cases stacked against the wall suddenly fell and landed on the old separator demolishing it! A few broken pieces including one of the two catches that keep it closed while turning. I ordered a replacement, but while I was waiting I got bored and grabbed some aluminum sheet metal, a drill and my pop rivet gun, and went to work on it! It's plenty solid now, but looks battle worn. Had to tape the pieces in with duct tape before plating them as they wouldn't stay put while I drilled and riveted them otherwise!



This old separator has the huge "funnel" that fits a 5 gallon bucket, and ensures no media gets away!
I kinda get fond of a tool that's given me great service for several decades, and since it was probably my fault the heavy gun cases were not stacked well, and caused the old separator to be damaged, I figured I should give it another chance at life. I actually ordered a new one, but pictures at Midway made it look less sturdy than this old model. Probably leave it in it's box until this one breaks someday. Or I fall on it and finish us both off!
Nice work!
You might be shocked at how many aircraft were repaired with beer can parts.
I bought a glue gun and ammo for it at Hobby Lobby. I am ready.
Reminds me of the old saying "Necessity is the mother of invention". Nice work!
I don’t see anything wrong with that . After my dad died my brother and I were seeing what we wanted from my dads garage and he saw some tackle boxes that my dad had repaired instead of tossing them and buying a new one . My brother wanted them just because of the repairs . That is how my dad was , he would fix just about anything .