Sand Burr Gun Ranch S&W 629

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May 30, 2010
This is a 629-6 straight from Denny Riechard's bench at Sand Burr Gun Ranch. He gave it the works. It is very smooth. I recommend Denny for any S&W revolver gunsmithing that you may need!

The gun is amazing and the Herretts Stocks Jordan Troopers really do work well for light, medium and heavy 44 Magnum loads. The stocks cause the gun to roll up in the hand under heavy recoil. It's quite pleasant...which is odd coming from me since I'm fairly sensitive to recoil.

I have tried several types of ammunition. Georgia Arms 240 grain FMJ at 1,000 FPS is pleasant to shoot. It feels like shooting 45 ACP. Magtech 240 grain SJSP (44A), Hornady 225 grain FTX and Hornady 240 grain XTP. Magtech is fairly stout. Hornady 225 grain is flashy and stout at 1410 FPS as are the Hornady 240 XTPs. Oddly, I preferred the XTPs. I can't wait to try some really light 44 Magnum (750-850 FPS) and some 44 Special.

Mods include:

Chamferred charge holes
Trigger tuning and internals polished
Radiused trigger
Meprolight night sights
Smoothed hammer spur
Filled lettering

This gun shoots far better than I (I am a terrible centerfire revolver shooter). It's actually easy to carry in my kydex holster. The DeSantis Thumb Break Scabbard works well too. I do have a Milt Sparks Versa Max 2 on the way, but you know how they's three months out. I use Safariland 371 Speed Loader Holders for my Safariland Comp I loaders.


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Very Nice! Great custom work; especially the Herrett Jordan Trooper stocks.
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