Savage Model 24

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Dec 22, 2004
NE Ohio
I just bought a Savage Model 24J-DL, SN A5083xx. Can someone give me the year of mfg?

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Well, I'll be...... Who'd have thought there was a site dedicated to Savage Model 24s?

Thanks for the link.

BTW, the "A" prefix indicates 1949.
BTW, the "A" prefix indicates 1949.
Did you read the paragraphs below the letter-date codes? It is a stamping for those years, not the serial number.
My Savage 24 in 22/410 was made in 1960 but has no serial number, has the case hardened receiver, so that change came later. Serial numbers were not a requirement till the GGA of 1968.
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I can't find the year stamp.

Your information makes sense because I never heard of a gun made in 1949 having impressed checkering (which mine has).
If it has a letter-code, it should be stamped into the bottom of the shotgun barrel, near the forend latch stud, and sometimes inside the frame rails, where the barrel normally sits when closed.
P = 1963, U = 1967

Your gun was obviously made in only one year.

The accepted year date code is usually the circled letter - is one circled ?

What's on the bottom of the shotgun barrel ?

The "17" is most likely an assembly number, and any letter directly with it would not be a date code letter.
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