SHOT Show Coming Up Soon - Anybody Going?

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you bet; wouldn't miss it being an
'industry professional' and all...
we will be staying near by and walking our feet off
Mrs. Doc will be there, signing autographs and
chumming with the well known and literati of
the gun world and NRA
I'll be there, helping out in the Accu-Shot booth again. That would be 1230 on your floor plan. It looks like they have divided the LE/Military companies into two sections this year, for some reason. Anyway, Accu-Shot will be in one of the LE areas, booth 1230.


As usual, I'll be peddling my book and explaining why I haven't finished my new one yet.
I knew there had to be a Shot Show thread. I have been so busy selling California Legal AR Lowers I have hardly spent any time at my home away from home The High Road lately.

I have a total of 5 employees going. My partner and his boss, the Mrs., myself and my boss the Mrs., and my partner's son and daughter. My partner's wife and daughter will take turns watching the grand daughter during the days and I am sure my wife will probably spend a day shopping and hanging out with them away from the show.

As far as us boys go, we are there for Friday and Saturday, maybe even some Sunday.

We need to get a group picture like we did back in the TFL days.
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