SportEars hearing protection? Any first hand exp?

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Feb 24, 2003

Saw an ad for these in a gun magazine. Saw some prices on the net too, and they sure had better be damn good! About $948 for the digital ones. Call me crazy, but that's a lot for ear plugs. :p So do they work as good as the digital ear muffs? How long do batteries last? Comfortable?

Wonder if they'd be useful for troops in combat situations?
I'm not sure of the quality or effectiveness. I don't know anyone who can afford them. I have looked at a total of about 4 companies making similar products and the prices are comparable.
Cabela's had some for $349 but it was only for one ear. Dillon's had some for $299 and it included right and left ears. I saw an ad for the same ones as the Dillon ones in a gun-rag for $249 but I had already bought the Dillon ones.

I am returning them as they had terrible feedback and I do not think they are worth the money.


i saw the ones you mention in dillon.
i am disappointed that they were of poor quality.
any chance it was a probem with that single pair?

does anyone have any experience with the custom
electronic plugs that i often see in the ears of high
end shotgun competitors?

do you think an equivalent product can be had
from a hearing aid vendor?


I think this might be the quality for these types of items. My friend had the Cabela's and I tried them as well and the feedback was just as bad. Might just be me, but my friend had the same feeling about both the Dillon's and the Cabela's ones.

Hearing aids can be modified to function as shooter's ears but they need an IC added to enable a sound cut-off function or they will not block out the shot. You might do a web-search to see if any hearing aids vendors have anything like this.

You can also look on Cabela's website and find some hearing-aid type items that run in the $20.00 range and might fit the bill. The only reason these new ones are so expensive is that they fit in the ear rather than outside the ear (and the fact that they are new and no one has copied them yet and brought the price down).

Good luck.


you should research a local audiologist or ENT doctor
who can properly fit you for hearing aids.

good electronic hearing aids which fit in the ear canal
run hundreds to thousands of dollars, however, if you
are hard of hearing they may be covered on your insurance.

most modern hearing aids can be configured to block loud
ambient noise while amplifying normal sounds and voices.

is your interest only for shooting?
where are you located?

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