Storing my Guns in a Storage Unit

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Nov 3, 2004
I'm moving and need to store my stuff in a storage unit. Any recomendations on how I should pack my guns up so nothing gets rusted or damaged? I have my gun cabinet but it's not air tight or for that matter It's not water tight ether.

If the storage is short term (say a month or less) and the unit does not have bad water problems (wet floor or walls), then simply keep them off the ground, and well covered with good oil (just like you always should).
There should not be any problem. If you want, you could wrap them in a large plastic tarp for more security.
You could oil well, wrap in paper, then in plastic.
The reason for the paper is that many plastics will slowly dissolve in oil.
Butcher paper or something along those lines.
I do not have a specific paper that I know would be low enough in acids (if that is even a concern in paper anymore), perhaps someone else has more specific info.
I know they used to make oil paper just for weapons and such, but have never had a need for it, so I am clueless.
One thing is, if it is just handguns or the rifles are not too long, concider a large plastic trashcan to keep them from floor moisture (can add several of the those dessicant packs before closing up to keep it low in moisture).
Unless the storage facility is climate controlled, I'd use RIG Grease as the preservative. I'd also put them in an airtight, lockable container with a dessicant.
Get the dreaded cosmoline from Brownells. Don't need tarps, don't need plastic wrap, don't need descenant bags. Will be a bi*#h to clean but you will be GUARANTEED NO RUST.
Make sure that you wrap them up/disguise them at home. You don't want to let anyone see you see you unloading obvious rifles & then going away for a few months. The temptation to break in might be too great.
Once upon a time, duty required me to put my guns in long-term storage. I coated them with RIG, put them in a plastic, foam-lined gun case, and locked the case in an upstairs closet in my father's home in steamy, hot, humid coastal SC. A year later I recovered the guns and found them all completely rust free. Some of the RIG had evaporated, or otherwise disappeared, but there was still a nice protective film on every surface. Cleaned up easily. I give RIG a big thumbs up based on that experience. I have no experience with other products during long term storage.

Here is what you are looking for:
Any chance you can store the FA's at a buddies or family members house? I once had to store some items in a similar facility a while back, and I cannot find the words to tell you how mad I was when I went to retieve my items only to find someone had alrady helped themselves to anything of mine that they liked.:fire: :fire: :fire:
Did'nt lose any FA's, but just the loss of household goods was enough to set me off for a couple of days. Just a suggestion.
I'd turn to Brownells and buy several sheets of that vapor paper they sell. I've forgotten the correct name, but it's a treated paper that emits rust-preventing fumes for up to 5 years. You wrap a sheet (or a half sheet) around a gun, put it into a baggie, force out as much air as possible and seal it.

They have squarish sheets for pistols and long, skinny sheets (along with long skinny baggies) for rifles. Side benefot of having each gun sealed up in a baggie is that, if any water should get in, it'll only get as far as the outside of the baggie.
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