suggestions for a muzzle brake?

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Nov 1, 2013
Im building a long range rifle and I have decided to go with a muzzle break but I dont know witch one. it will be on a 308 with a 20" heavy barrel that comes threaded with a 5/8 thread. I know I dont want any ports on the bottom but other than that I dont know what else to stay away from.
I don't think you want a split or broken muzzle... (sorry, had to)

But if you'd like to brake the rearward motion cause by recoil, remember that the muzzle blast is directed, depending on the brake's design, to the sides making things annoying if not uncomfortable for the shooter next to you (when at the range, zero'ing yer scope, chrono'ing yer loads, etc)...

If you must have a brake, try a Google Images search ".308 muzzle brake". Look at each design. Open the webpage link associated with each image. You'll be better able to decide on the right brake for you. In my case, I learned that (after purchasing a single-chamber brake) I don't need a brake on a .308, especially with a heavier barrel.

If I were you I'd rather look into a good recoil pad (Limbsaver) and perhaps a suppressor depending on the laws in your state. Otherwise I'd simply "buy ammo, use up, repeat" to become more competent with my rifle combination. Good luck!

/my .02
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Seriously, a muzzled break on a .308?? You won't have any friends at the gun ranges who are getting splattered with the misdirected concussive blast in their direction; think about actually getting a real long range rifle with something that doesn't 35 feet at 1200yds.
Every time one of the bozos sit at an adjacent bench and pull out their ported sexy stocked mid range rifles I just get up and move. I don't like getting gravel in my face from the dude on the next bench or worse if I happen to be in the field when the darn thing gets fired.
I dont shoot at a range I can shoot out to 1000 yards out my back door. Also its not my shoulder im worried about I want to be able to spot my own rounds due to the fact I dont have a spotter.
you want to install it or you want a gunsmith to install it?
Are you planning on adding a suppressor at some point? If so you could choose a model that accepts a suppressor such as those from Gemtech, AAC, TBAC etc.

mpia said:
Seriously, a muzzled break on a .308??

Accuracy International .308 Win rifles have muzzle brakes. Heck, plenty of factory .308 Win rifles have brakes. I don't have a problem with them.
My rifle is already threaded for one.

wasn't what i asked :) but i'll take that to mean you want one that doesn't require a gunsmith.

i'd look at the badger ordinance

Beautiful gun I was actually holding one today very similar I almost baught it! And thank you for the tips on the brake.
Browning BAR w/BOSS vs. BOSS-CR

I am ready to special order a Browning BAR Mark II Safari in 308 Win caliber. My understanding is this gun can be ordered with the BOSS option, or instead with a BOSS-CR as an option. In reading all the posts associated with muzzle brakes (such as the BOSS) I am now concerned about the increased noise levels associated with the BOSS brake. I understand the BOSS-CR version allows harmonic tuning without having the muzzle brake function. I am not too worried about recoil generated with the 308 caliber.

Other than noise and recoil reduction trade-offs, are there other pros/cons between the BOSS and the BOSS-CR choice to consider? The rifle will be used mostly for hunting.

Thanks, Bud
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