Suprema 12 gauge 00 buckshot

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May 3, 2013
Saw some of this at my local Wal Mart for 12 bucks and decided to buy it. Upon inspection I have found that this ammo is the exact same stuff being imported as the Spartan ammo. I have cut both open and they are exactly the same inside. Same powder charge, same cushion, same overshot card and same hulls. They are made in Spain if anyone was wondering.


I will post some side by side pics later.
Thanks for posting the price as it was not displayed at local store and help is usually very long in coming. The price per box is competitive, but there is no ballistic info on outside the box. Is there something on the shell or inside the box?
Nope. It kicks like a mule with a bad temper though. Don't believe the low brass, its got high brass spirit
I just picked up a box of this at walmart. For $12 it's worth a try.

I was thinking it would be a reduced load with the low brass even though the packaging says 'extreme performance buckshot'
Anyone patterned it yet?

Yeah, this afternoon in fact. At 25 yards I was getting pretty consistent ~20" patterns, right at point of aim. I was using a Benelli M2 tactical with the IC choke tube.

Shoots pretty clean, actually smells like a shotgun shell should (instead of like rotten bear poop like a lot of Tula stuff) and does indeed kick like an angry mule. All in all, I like it :D
Anyone patterned it yet?

I took some out last weekend and like Gottahaveone it gave pretty consistant groups around 18" at 20 yards. I wouldn't hesitate to use this within that range for home defense.
As was indicated earlier, there are 25 rounds per box.

The local store had some in stock a week ago and I picked up a box to experiment with, but we've been on the road a lot and I haven't had time to wander up the cove and set up a target frame to pattern any.

Thanks for the reports from the field, they are appreciated. Seems like a pretty decent deal.
Finally got a chance to try this load out today. For me, it's hard to say if it recoils more than the Remington buck I've been using. The 1st two rounds fired were at 25 yards.... Not bad. All the rest were from 15 yards.
I'm getting some more of this.


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It is interesting how the old high brass versus low brass visual marketing still has such a strong hold on shotgunners. Especially so since it has now been over 50 years since the introduction of plastic into mainstream shotshell manunfacture.
I don't have photos handy, but at 10 yards it patterns about the same or better than the Winchester Super X.
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