The Brady Campaign Needs Your Help Now!!!

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Poor Brady campaign. Don't they always need money? I guess they have to pay someone to post all that drivel on their website... They also probably need money for payments for the Ivory Towers they live in. Poor babies.
Maybe they should get up with their Mayor buddies and sell off some of those "Turn In" weapons.
Its important to note that they have not given up , nor has D.C. I just watched a press release from the D.C. mayor who specifically stated that " Auto and Semi Auto handguns are and most likely will remain Illegal in D.C. " Folks we are headed back to court most likely to the SCOUS to decide if jurisdictions such as D.C. can restrict " handguns " to say a Thompson Center Contender or revolvers only or some such . Yes we won , but at the same time now is the time to press for " common sense Gun Rights " . Some how i suspect that my version of " Common Sense " and the brady bunches differ somewhat tho lol .

Edited to add its all about Scope and Scrutiny now folks , and that will take further court intervention .
The Heller decision, however, will most likely embolden criminal defendants, and ideological extremists, to file new legal attacks on existing gun laws. With the help of the Brady Center’s legal team, those attacks can, and must, be successfully resisted in the interest of public safety.

Does Helmke have more than 2 brain cells that actually work at the same time?
So now we are criminal defendants and ideological extremists...
I guess just calling us gun nuts wasn't working for them anymore.
PWNED - worse than this guy:



Brady is wonderful place to donate isn't it taking our rights away for the security of the nation. Yep nothing like it. NOT!!!!!!!!!!
Yep. And I'm sure the NRA, GOA and JPFO are all going to start large fund raising drives as well.

That's good for them.

The best thing we can do is not to donate to them but rather to go out and buy a gun or even a box of ammo and make our voices be heard at the local level.

Strength in numbers and all that.
We should all donate a PENNY from each credit card we own.

It will cost them more in back fees & Transaction cost than the money they collect.

We could bankrupt them by donating :)
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