The High Road logo/Molon Labe clothing for sale, order by August 31st!

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And how 'bout this fashion statement from Oleg & Betty...

The Hat...


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I've got a TFL Molon Labe long-sleeve T-shirt from Correia from before THR was in existence. It's still in great shape, and I was quite impressed by it.

No problems.
Nimitz, it would be nice if I had it, but if you can't get me payment by then, please e-mail me with exactly what you want so I can make sure it is added to the order, and then you can pay me later.
Got another:

kage genin

Now if someboy is wanting to order something, they need to contact me, as this buy is almost over.
Got another confirmed:


No it isn't too late. I set a cut off date, but then I don't turn the order in to the factory so that the stragglers have a chance to jump in. Believe it or not, just about every single time I've done this, the biggest day is the first day, and the day after the deadline. :)

Would it be okay to order an XL Black TeeShirt w/out the big logo on the back?

If that's ok, I'll mail the money order on Thursday. Let me know.



PS: You can email me at [email protected]
Last day straggler just sent a paypal order for XL green t-shirt with logo on back and two sweatshirts(green/black).
Nimitz, I added you to the order. However when I say confirmed means that I got paid. :)

Falcon, yes, but please send me a seperate e-mail reminder with your real name. When you start adding people to the order under screen names, initials, etc. it gets confusing.
Have some more confirmations:

B.B. in MD
R.S. in MN
Sapper Leader
J.H. in TX
Any idea when these will ship? Or have they? My carriers out here are retards, I get kinda nervous when they have to actually deliver something...
Jayman, I don't know, it just depends. When there is enough demand, I do it.

NineseveN, I have not gotten them yet. It usually takes 2 weeks from when I turn the order in for them to get me the items.
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