The most (and least) armed states in the union (Daily Beast)

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My guess is Arkansas is higher then 9th place, because there are a lot of CCW holders and they don't get checked by NIC's, for gun purchases, nor to they get checked by NIC's ever, unlike Kentucky.

One little bit of trivia, from the late Jeff Cooper, in his old collum in Guns and Ammo, was a comment, where he states that some friend of his, somehow had the stats on what states got the most semi-auto rifles shipped from the wholesalers, main suppliers, etc. And he said that more semi-auto rifles got shipped to the states of the old confederacy, by a large margin, then anywhere else. Then he went to state that there must be somekind of social message in there somewhere, but he wasn't sure exactly what that was.;)
Minnesota is "ranked" 22nd on this "list". I doubt that Kentucky or any other state out-buys Minnesotans by a 10 to 1 ratio as the "statistics" show. I seriously doubt if we're out bought by even a 2 to 1 ratio but, hey, let's keep it light - as intended by the O.P.

It's a fun article but hardly to be taken seriously because they are comparing apples to oranges and coming up with a ranked list of cumquats.:D
Well I'll be. Tn ranked 11th. Texas was even further down(I don't believe that). Tennesseeans told me to be careful when I went to Tx. cause all them peoples carry. When I was in Tx and told them I was from Tn they stated all Tenneseeans are known to carry! So when I was coming to Alaska to work I asked if it was OK to bring a gun(I'm in hospital housing) I was told to bring it on cause everyone else had one too. Yeah it was a fun article to rile the lefties.
I agree with dusty vermonter. I also know very people that don't own guns in NH. I think the stats are wrong. Face to face sales are also legal in NH.
Something doesn't look right. You are saying Kentucky has more background checks than people?
The next state (Utah) has 100,000 less?
I don't think that Indiana FFL's have to run an NICS check if the buyer possess a firearm permit. That makes our numbers lower :( And we have lifetime permits, which makes it even lower :( :(
I know that I'm coming late to the party here.... But in most states (at least the ones that I have bought guns from) once the background check is called in you can buy out the store. So, one background check can be used to buy multiple guns... something that my FFL reminds me of each and every time I buy something.
The only way to get an accurate count on guns in private hands would be to ask everyone for an inventory. My answer to that would be "None of your business!"
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