The worst ammunition you've ever shot?

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I bought some remanufactured 45's from Dick's - Ultramax. Came in an American flag looking box. The price was great for 150. Terrible stuff - blew smoke out like I was shooting a flintlock. Genuinely a cloud forming where I was shooting. Gummed up my 1911 barrel pretty good with filth. Crustiest that barrel has ever been.
Hansen made in former Yugoslavia

7.62x39 would not hit barn when fired from inside the barn,:cuss:

6.5x55 would not hit broad side of barn at 5 paces. (Out of rifle that had sub moa with Norma ammo):cuss::what::scrutiny:

have no words on 9mm brain could not process lack of discernible groups at 5 yards :confused: :scrutiny: threw rest of box in trash with remaining unfired 7.62 and 6.5

Worst. Range. Day. Ever.:what::fire::fire:

This stuff. Long time ago I had just gotten into shooting. Saw a sale in Sportsmansguide.

1,100 rounds 8mm Ecuadorian Surplus. Got it to my house + shipping for $100 or maybe a little less. Out of each box of 20, probably at least 7 are double taps to fire, while 2 or 3 are outright duds.

On the other hand, I've been using it for shooting training. Helps me realize if I'm flinching or not.
Amerc.......nuff said

+1 on that. Bought 100 rds at a Florida gun show. It all fired OK, but it might as well have been rimfire, since less than a dozen of the brass were reloadable! :banghead::banghead::banghead:
Remington Thunderbolt 22. Every report was different. Dirty, split cases.

Federal Field & Range 12-g shotgun shells. Dirty, wad was a piece of folded plastic. Inaccurate patterns.

Ultramax reman ammo. Dirty, dirty, and their 10mm blew up my dads glock.

American Ammunition 45 auto ...A-merc...awful, even the brass is junk...say no more
"Ammo is expensive, more so today than ever before."

Ammo is cheaper today than ever are just too young to know what ammo was priced before the internet....
9mm Federal Aluminum

What can you say, its cheap. I had a bullet fallout and that's not from being picked up from the magazine, just sitting in the box I noticed the bullet was wobbly. I clipped it into a moon clip, (fairly gentle process) when I picked up the whole moon clip the bullet fell out. :eek:

I bought a bunch of Remington Golden Bullets. The cases had marks on them, the bullets seemed awfully loose in the case - I could spin the bullet 360° in the case where I can't do that with CCI.

My daughter had an Appleseed shoot and the 36gr Federal Champion HPs were failing in her Marlin 795, I switched to Golden Bullets and we went through about 500 rounds without a hitch.

The Remington HP Golden Bullets shot like champs.
22s were very much cheaper before the internet....but the average income was much lower...buying centerfire ammunition was very much more expensive in the 70s-80s....with limited was normal to pay much much more for a box of 9mm/38/357/45......than we do today.
For those talking about American Ammunition, are you talking about American Quality Ammunition? Are you saying the Quality in their name is misleading? :eek:

DRT Lead Free Training in .45 acp. I bought a new 1911 and every round I shot with it keyholed.

It was the first 1911 I bought, so I bought a couple boxes of self defense ammo in case the cheap stuff didn't work.

Everything else ran great.
I can't think of a "worst" ammo...of course, I have never shot Thunderbolts, and I prefer CCI MiniMags, but very few of any brand have ever ftf, and fairly accurate...Oh, woops, yeah..there was a box of Aguila Interceptors that patterned, but that was a long time ago!:)
Junior 22lr, half of them went phssst instead of bang. They did clear the barrel. I left the couple boxes at the range that I had brought. I still have most of the brick sitting in a cabinet in my basement. Russian made I think.
Tula, in 9mm and 40S&W, with Wolf a close second. I will flat out not use Tula (caused some real problem with a case being stuck in my Ruger 9mm pistol) and would use Wolf only in a real pinch.

With 22LR, I expect a dud every so often, so I am not overly concerned. I have never had serious issues with Winchester, Remington or any other American made brand.
I have used an awful lot of Tula ammo and I never remember a single problem with any caliber. I know I have had, and still have, lots of Tula 9mm and assorted rifle cartridges.
If we are talking worst in a value sense, for me it is Eley Club .22LR. The ammo consistency was poor and inferior to less expensive .22, such as Wolf Standard+ (made by Lapua) and even CCI Standard Velocity. At the price paid, the variation in velocity was unacceptable. Mind you, I've only shot one lot but the performance was so bad I'm not spending the money to try it again.
I have some Turkish old 8mm. It fires but is smokey, dirty, and smells worse than ANY other ammo I have ever shot. Seems like they crammed a bit of fish guts into each round. I have almost no sense of smell, but man, this stuff stinks!
The very worst was Junior .22 LR steel case by Klimovsk Stamping Plant, Russia, in green boxes with a ¿turkey? sitting on a tree branch.

It jammed my Remington 66 and Marlin 60: failure to extract first round fired both guns.

Tried it in my Rumanian Army bolt action .22 and it handled extraction OK but occasional but frequent light loads would not expand the cases enough to prevent gas leakage. Lotsa flyers in groups.

Other Klimovsk ammunitions seem to have a good rep, but the batch of Junior I got soured me on the Junior brand.
I remember buying a box of .22 Long Rifle in 1959 for about 50 cents. But gasoline at the time was 29.9 cents/ gallon or less during "gas wars". Of course that was waaaaayyy before the internet when all prices were low. A movie was dime and I remember it going to 25 cents when I turned 11 I think ... might have been 12.

The problem is these old costs are not adjusted for inflation. When I started loading in 1970, a 30-06 factory round was about 25 cents. That was the statement in my first Lyman #44 loading manual and it also stated I could reload one for 8 cents. It's all right there on page 7.
Magtech .38 Special - Two complete misfires and one squib that lodged in the barrel of my Colt OMM. Luckily, I was able to extract the bullet without any further damage.
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