Titan 25 auto... Anybody know anything abut them?

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Jan 20, 2007
My dad was given a Titan chambered in 25 auto. The only other marks on it are FIE. Corp - Miami Fl. and a serial number. It has black plastic grips and what appears to be very cheap black paint for the finish. I've tried Google and have come pretty much so dry. The only thing I've found is that FIE went out of business in '90's.

So, anybody who can help out, I'd appreciate it. Can the slide be removed for cleaning? Is it worth spending $15.00 on a box of ammo to shoot it? Is it even gonna go bang? How many pieces am I gonna end up with if I do shoot it?

The guy even threw in a left handed holster for it... Just so happens I'm a southpaw, lol.
Buddy at work has one......

I'm no gun smith but I broke it down and cleaned it for him. He claims to shoot it, admitts that he can't hit anything with it but it goes bang when he pulls the trigger. Seems to me like a nice little hideout gun.
Pull the slide all the way back and lift it to strip the gun for cleaning. A word of caution DO NOT lose any parts as they are hard to find replacement parts for.
I had one for many moons. Mine was the chrome plated one. For a Saturday Night Special it was actually rather good... I'd rate it above a Jennings or what have you. It was still cast, but it had a steel barrel liner and all the requisite parts were made of real metal. Of course, .25 ACP is hardly a magnum round in the first place...

Mine shot fine, fed fine, went bang when I pulled the trigger. It did like to stovepipe when it was dirty but anywhere between squeaky clean and two or three mags through it and it was fine. The sights were useless, and I didn't like carrying one in the chamber because the safety was so stiff it might as well have been locked "off", and it didn't seem to have a firing pin block or anything.

Numrich had magazines for the things, but I don't know if they still do. I bought two spares after I broke the floorplate on the one that came with the gun (while it was loaded... little .25's everywhere) but eventually repaired it with some good old epoxy putty and it worked fine in addition to my spares. You can make your magazines take one more round by giving the legs of the follower a kiss with a grinder. It doesn't take a whole heck of a lot of shaving to just fit one more cartridge in there and it didn't seem to affect reliability on mine.
OK, but.....

I had a chrome plated one for several years, but only fired 14 rounds through it. No FTF, FTE, or misfires in those 14 rounds. ;) I wouldn't buy another one, though.

If I still had it, I wouldn't spend $15 for a box of ammo. :eek:

i have one that father inlaw borrowed for hd, i think if i remember you pull slide bace while pushing with a pencil the thing with the hole in it at the rear of the slide and raising the slide off. mine shot very well and never had a malf. i kept the rails on the slide greased.its better than nothing i guess.
Numrich Gun Parts lists oodles of parts available... but it seems there were several variations. Parts can cost more than it's worth, tho.

I have one in need of refinishing and repair (might make a need 'home project' someday).

Apparently, FIE's Titan is a Tanfoglio slide and parts on a US made cast lower, and that's why it's rated higher than many other .25 cal domestic pocket pistols.
Thanks for all the information guys. I appreciate it. I'm gonna splurge and grab a box of ammo and shoot it.
A good 'Saturday night special', Titan 25 auto

I had a black one in the early 70's and used it quite a bit. Yes, for a cheap gun, it was one of the better ones. No, you won't hit much of anything with that short barrel but if you are target practicing with this gun, you miss the point of it anyway. I have the 2nd one that I bought in the 70's still. It is the chrome version and is still in great condition. I used it a few years and later gave it to my mother who was in her 60's. She shot it some in the next 20 years but mostly, it stayed in a drawer.
If your gun is in good condition and not worn bad, shoot it with confidence. BUT, don't leave a bullet in the chamber because if I remember right I could hit the hammer with the back of my hand hard enough to make it go off.
My neighbor just recently showed me her gun collection that she inherited from her Father and she doesn't have the slightest clue with anything firearms related...I told her I would one-by-one bring them home with me to clean/oil up for her and now I'm at the Titan and can't figure out how to get the slide off.:confused:

I've read the replies in this thread, but I still can't figure out how to get it off.

Any suggestions?

Thanks in advance.
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