Trading in Sig220 for 220ST?

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Mar 30, 2003
Friendswood, TX
I bought a used 220 last year as a carry gun. Its not pretty, but mechanically its very sound. I was in the ol gun store the other day and saw a 220 ST and man that sure is a sweet gun. They said they would give me $425 for mine to trade in towards the ST. I didn't pay close to $425.

What would you guys do?

On one hand I sure like the ST, but on the other hand, I bought it used and worn so I would carry it and not worry about holster wear and stuff.

By all accounts the steel guns are good shooters, but they are 3/4 of a pound more to carry around if for CCW. Depends on your application. I would not swap if for a carry gun, would in a hurry for a match gun.
Some weightlifter type will undoubtedly say he wears an ST 24/7, though.
Doesn't the P220ST's have a rail on the dust cover? That will take a new holster, plus the extra weight......
I just read an article the other day that early ones with stainless barrels had galling problems between the slide and barrel.
Mabey save up and buy the ST as a range gun?
I've handled the basic P220 and it feels sweet.
They are really two different animals. The ST is a lot heavier and has a rail. So it really boils down to your specific application. I love my ST but normally carry my 229.
Haven't had the pleasure of handling/shooting a regular 220, but my 220ST is THE most accurate gun I've ever shot. Dunno if it's ideal for carry (regular 220 is prolly better for that), but it's a damn fine piece of steel.
I did exactly that.................... a 220 for a 220ST. The ST is a terrific shooter and is very, very heavy. I really do not like it as a carry gun because of its weight. As a result it sits in my safe a lot between trips to the range. If you want a CCW gun then get one. If you want something else then get something else. IMHO the ST is "something else". Good shooting;)
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