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I agree with tiger , I’m glad we don’t have them . I have rabbit beagles and run them most of the year . We have copperheads , but they usually don’t kill a dog . A rattlesnake usually does . I know people that live in the mountains that have beagles and rattlesnakes and they don’t run them once it gets warm . I wouldn’t either .
Glad we don't have them around here. Snakes are stupid in this weather here. It's just warm enough for them to crawl out in the sun but not warm enough for them to crawl away when you are getting ready to step on them if you don't see them.
My wife came across a coral snake and a Pygmy rattlesnake while gardening last week.

She hates snakes and would kill every one so we worked out a compromise. She pins It down and calls me then I identify it and kill it if it’s a dangerous one.
Work site in middle of Nowhere Nevada had diamondbacks and sidewinders and a few others.
You didn't kill them because they kept the vermin down. Mice & rats carried Bubonic Plague (the fleas) and Hantavirus (droppings) and probably a few other goodies I didn't know about.
Snakebite usually just make you sick. Hantavirus and Plague can kill you.
Helluva Choice. I appreciated the snakes.
For the first 11 years of my life I grew up in southern California in the desert, and my parents would let me go flip rocks and catch whatever I wanted and bring it home, and to this day I can't believe they never once said to watch out for rattlesnakes. I used to catch lizards everyday and bring them home. Not one time did I flip a rock and find a rattlesnake. I always wanted to find one though.

Years later, my wife and I were in Louisiana, and I looked in every still water, creek, river, etc. hoping to see a gator, and not one time did I find one of those either. So I am either the worst hunter of dangerous game, or the luckiest.
We were overrun with chipmunks a year or two ago.

One day a 5’ black snake showed up and went right down their holes.

Problem eliminated. Fortunately, no venomous creatures around here. Saw in the papers a Colorado man was just killed by a pet Gila Monster. Latched onto and chewed on his hand for 4 minutes. Something like the only death by one of them in a century.
I've been in NW Fl for almost 7 years and spent lots of time in the woods. In fact, I'm surrounded by them. I've seen lots of snakes but only 2 rattlers. My friend who works at Fl Ranger camp just south of me spends lots of time in the swamps and he sees cotton mouths all the time and the occassional rattler. What I find interesting about that is that Ranger students are all pretty much running on autopilot with poor situational awareness due to lack of food and sleep (not to mention being known to make bad decisions due to fatigue) but snakebites rarely if ever happen out there.
I had a lot of copperheads in my yard in AR. Neighbors dogs got bit a few times. Moved to MS and had moccasins in my yard a lot. Moved to KY and no poisonous snakes in the yard but had a ball of garder snakes in my yard. I know they are “good” but that was to much. Killed 17 one day and they are still all over.
They are protected here in Wisconsin.....and for good reason. Fear of snakes makes so scardy cats kill every snake they see, even those that are no threat. While their bite can be painful, odds are you are more threatened by deer ticks. It is worth noting that there have only been two verified deaths in Wisconsin due to a rattlesnake bite since 1900, and on average, only one bite occurs every four years in the whole state.