We all have favorites

38 Special: how does the recoil differ from a standard Ruger or Colt SAA. I've read that some feel the Bisley grip better handles heavy loads, but I've never had the chance to try one out. Best Regards, Rod
I prefer the Bisley for everything. It just fits my hand better, and points more naturally - and honestly, I've come to prefer the appearance as well. (Heresy, I know.) I do strongly believe that the Bisley grip is better for real power - with anything at or beyond .44 Magnum levels, the traditional plowhandle starts becoming uncomfortable and harder to control, for me - but I limit this gun to the Skeeter load at most, so it's a moot point. I'd say it's a purely personal decision, and for a fellow who is happy with his plowhandle, then that is the whole story.
Bannock: I like your Blackhawk with aged looking off white grips.
Are they aftermarket?
Thought they might look good on my Blackhawk
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When it comes to guns, I'm sure we all can agree everyone has their favorite revolver, auto , and so on. Maybe we inherited these guns, maybe we were given them as a gift. More than likely we worked hard and saved to get the guns we have today.
My S&W 29-2 was just that. Saved, searched and found this excellent+ condition example a while back.
I've always been a 44 magnum fan because of Elmer Keith, Dirty Harry and Nick Nolte in 48 hrs.
Love my vintage Ruger New Model Blackhawk, but this 4in S&W is my favorite gun I own.

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Easy for mine


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