What good is a "tactical" shotgun?

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I keep my hunting shotgun, a break-open single shot, handy for HD purposes because I know it like the back of my hand. 'Course I'm way up in the north woods boondocks where major home invasion crime is awful rare.

Just my personal feeling, but I'd be nervous about keeping a gun that was too tricked out for HD. If I ever had to face a jury for shooting a burglar, I'd prefer that my weapon looked like something farmer John might have leaning by the door.

I'd probably feel differently if I lived in an area with a higher crime rate.
The 20" RS barrel is quite useful. There's a couple here.
Only one here, but it's always on the 870 that's always out. There are other barrels for the clay game guns. Other than the 20" RS barrel, my HD 870 has a standard 4 round magazine and wood stock with a Remington butt pad. It's as tactical as the day when I opened up the box.
I wish there was a dedicated shotgun sport so I could justify dropping the money on an FN Police Self Loading shotgun.

Being the best choice for a self defense gun is not good enough of a reason?
Well, 3 Gun has a dedicated shotgun section with a practical-tactical feel to it.

I have a stock 28" 870 with synthetic stock. I purchased a 20" IC barrel with rifle sights for HD, and deer hunting. When I want to go out back and shoot clays, I put the 28" back on and I'm ready to go.
No side saddle, no special stock.
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