What is the last gun that you bought?

Just came home from the Bullet Trap in Plano.
Colt 6920 1095 with 4 boxes of PMC and 2 range passes.
The GUN IS TIGHT and looks awesome.
Thanks to Dogtown for clueing me in.
Just picked up a Colt Match Target HBAR today from my favorite pawn shop. Somebody call the cops, I stole it for $950 out the door.
Lastly, I bought this one latest gun ....

I just keep it with me when I go for the trip ..
Sig 220 W. German last week, was a PD trade in from a tiny agency in WA...spent all my life in WA.....never even heard to the place

tommow my FN 5.7 and a mint S&W nickle airwieght bodyguard and prolly a NIB S&W Escort, sorta tempted to get the old Browning BAR in 300 win Mag...but i dont hunt, but still.....I like my 1960's brownings and happen to have new mags for it.....whats a guy to do? ;)

Picked it up Wednesday. All my other 1911's either blew up because I can't make safe handloads or have fallen off my boat while fishing with dynamite.
Nice Forum...

Just bought a pre 1990s Smith and Wesson Model 41 .22 LR.. Got it from my former county Sheriff.. Excellent condition...

my latest purchase was a S&W M&P .40 compact w/ interchangable backstraps and 3 mags...$419.00 out the door and a free box of 185 gr. ball ammo...great gun, nice weight and balance, but too small to properly control 185 gr. ammo...165 gr. is much friendlier.
(sorry, no pics)
Last gun I bought was a Walther P22 for Wifey. About 2 years ago. $279, IIRC.

She loves it. I'd like her to have something bigger on her side of he bed, but She can and will shoot it. Better than a sharp stick!