What is the last gun that you bought?

Came across a Marlin Camp Carbine in .45ACP today at a fair price and just couldn't turn it down. :eek:

I have a couple of the 9mm models, but always wanted the .45...

Here's a pic of the aforementioned .45 CC...


Still had the original warning sticker on the stock...


Earlier this week I came across a new Browning Buckmark Whisper (factory-threaded model, made up special for a LA distributor) and just couldn't resist... :eek:
Colt 1911 .45 Gold Cup, Trophy Brand new, unfired, with two springs (regular ball and target_)----nobody tell my wife-please
I have been looking for a Beretta 92 for a while and today I open the paper and Academy has the Taurus PT101 for $299! I know it's not a Beretta, but I've been happy with every Taurus so far. BTW I bought 4 of them so there will be 3 for sale once the prices go back up....:)
sorry no pics yet but bought two new guns
Remington 700 BDL in .270 $400 plus tax
Rock island 1911 .45 $380 otd
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What can i say? It was a GOOD week!

Desert Eagle 10" barrel .44 Mag

Ruger Blackhawk 45Colt AND 45 ACP

Academy sale $299 Taurus pt101 .40 cal... 16+1!... Shoots very well to boot!

Last gun I bought.

Last Gun I bought?

Hello all, RON L here

Had a real Down Turn in our Income due to med Buills but at a Local Gun show I was selling at, I made a few Hundred $ and I saw this Walking into the show, I scored on it with no accessories for $85.00 and a Bill of sale:



I would have liked to add another SKS or an AR Upper in Carbine or a few other things But better Judgement and Bills made this one just what I could afford!